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World War C (2021)

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It is war. War against an invisible enemy that is arguably not as deadly as we are told. The world is changing rapidly. Disproportionate measures are being taken worldwide that disrupt society as a whole. A dichotomy in society, forced vaccinations and restrictions on freedom. Where did we end up? What about the vaccine? Have we had the worst? Or is there something more disturbing to come...?

BLCKBX.TV wrote:

What is perhaps most special about the documentary is that it is not an antivaxx film and actually a very balanced story. Both supporters and opponents of the policy and the vaccination strategy were given the floor, making the film accessible to a wide audience. Highly recommended to watch with someone who does not share your opinion.

Language: Dutch
Subtitles: English, Dutch

World War C - DOCSFAIR
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This is the bottom line and this will be "big secret" that can not leak to the public - ever.
Do not accept that ? This only demonstrate your ignorance...

The federation of natural life

I've never said there was or wasn't a virus, and over the past 12 months shared content on both sides of that coin. Just because I post a torrent doesn't mean I automatically agree or disagree with it.

My thinking is that maybe the Truth lies somewhere in-between, but given the situation humanity is currently facing I think arguing about whether viruses exist, or not, is like arguing about the colour of the deckchairs on the Titanic.

Thanks for sharing..

I came across an information from one of my sources about Graphenoxid which can conduct electricity, the 5G would then give it to it what it needs to fullfil the mission.

More can be found by translating with chrome from german to english @

My source also says (translated from german to english):

-Attention: The following internet discovery was leaked to me: ................. "Former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston explains in an interview with the Stew Peters Show that graphene oxide [emphasis on the ' e '] is 100% contained in the vaccines, but is not listed for the ingredients as it is toxic to humans. Graphene can conduct electricity, if graphene has a positive charge it destroys everything it comes in contact with. At the moment the particles are neutrally charged. If activated by an electromagnetic field, damage and death can result. It depends on how many nanoparticles are in the body and where they are, according to Kingston ............... "What does that mean? With 5G, YOU can activate this in people!