Woops! Major bug in module!

Currently there is a major bug in the torrent upload code. Certain torrent's contents are not detected properly. Unfortunately this makes the torrent file useless.

I'm doing a major rewrite of the Torrent module. It will be released in the next couple of days*. It fixes this and a few other bugs, speeds up the code, and adds a few new features.

Nobody noticed!

ConCen registrations have been closed for weeks.

Nobody noticed except the spammers. They need to register before they even get the chance to pollute our domain, yet they are doomed anyway.

As soon as they post a spam, they are caught. Hell, they can't even register if their email account has been flagged for spamming. But they continue. Relentlessly.

ConCen's core goal - sharing essential information - can be met without registering. You can find and download what you want without ever logging in. It's safer for you, and easier on the site.

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