If You Can Read This ...

We have moved IP addresses. Congratulations, you're at the new IP address. The old one is still accessible at https://tripold.concen.org, until 1 Jan 2019.

Nibs in hospital for testicular detachment!

Nibs is currently in hospital recovering from an operation to reattach his testicles.

They apparently became detached after a marathon coding session lasting several weeks. A source who occasionally had limited interaction with the reclusive hobo said that lately he'd been "workin' even harder than he usually do, if y'all can blee dat shit!".

Coming Soon ...


As part of a desperate but probably futile effort to decrease the sluggishness of the site, old torrents which have no hope of being revived will be purged. This could but likely won't speed up searching as well. You have been warned.

In the near future, unused user accounts will also be purged. They're mostly spam accounts anyway.

Good News Everyone!

While the rest of you have no doubt been goofing off the last couple of days, I have been guzzling hobo piss developing a new way of filling ConCen up with even more irrelevant junk content that nobody wants - using automatic uploads!

ConCen's donors come through!

Since my expenses now exceed my income, I cannot continue to pay the $48 monthly hosting fees.


A list of our donors with a link to their profile pages can be found on the donor page. On behalf of the users of ConCen, I thank them. I encourage you to thank them as well by sending them a message.

Thoughts on ConCen's future

I'm wondering whether or not ConCen should continue as is, or go back to being a private site. Maybe it can be both - a semi-public site with a private section with properly cataloged and archived stuff which is well seeded.

Thinking of Taking on a Sponsor...

Radiant Farms believe that ConCen is a great site to reach their target demographic. I agree. Should I take them on?

The Bannings Will Continue Until Morale Improves!

Some may have seen ConCen suddenly drop off the internet for 24 hours. In reality their IP address has been automatically banned for one of various reasons, like failing a login 4 times.

Etch A Sketch now with OSR boosts productivity

As you might already be aware, my Etch A Sketch was modified to use WiFi. Just recently I managed to add OSR (Optical Sketch Recognition) software, so now I can sketch out new code for the site so much faster! The more observant among you may have noticed a couple of things. I don't want to give anything away, but soon a part of the site will be exactly where I've always wanted it - nothing but freshly baked stats and refried torrents! My mouth is watering already! Woo Hoo!!!

Happy Birthday ConCen!

Started 31 March 2003 by Mike Smith on an Athlon 750MHz computer, now 14 years old and still going strong...


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