Spam Control & Registering an Account

Although I won't go into details about exactly how we fight spammers, I will say that we reject well over 300 attempts to register fake spam accounts every day. Most are rejected before they can even register, but ~ 75 a day manage to. Because the number is so high, I switched from automatic approval to a requirement for a human to approve an account. If you register and aren't approved, it's because you chose a nonsense username and/or email address, which spammers do since their email accounts are flagged as spammy usually less than 24 hours after they spam a site.

IndieGoGo Funding Campaign

Please help ConCen out by supporting our IndieGoGo server rent campaign. We're 4 months behind in rent. If we can raise $660 within 60 days, we can pay the rent up until July of 2015!

IndieGoGo allows payments via all the most common ways. Try it out! Please help to keep ConCen alive....

The link is here: Pay our rent until July 2015

Calling all Contributors

Whether it's the lack of donors (ConCen is 4 months behind on the rent) or the need for Drupal savvy mods, ConCen needs more than just me.

I got us from the need to toss the last username base (my fault) of the old site with it's retarded dual login to the point we're at now, by learning how to recreate the past site using Drupal.

We're at a crossroads. If you know or even want to know Drupal, step up for ConCen so we can make this site the best repository of must-know info on the planet.

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