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World War C (2021)

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CommentWORLD WAR C It is war. War against an invisible enemy that is arguably not as deadly as we are told. The world is changing rapidly. Disproportionate measures are being taken worldwide that disrupt society as a whole. A dichotomy in society, forced vaccinations and restrictions on freedom. Where did we end up? What about the vaccine? Have we had the worst? Or is there something more disturbing to come...? "What is perhaps most special about the documentary is that it is not an antivaxx film and actually a very balanced story. Both supporters and opponents of the policy and the vaccination strategy were given the floor, making the film accessible to a wide audience. Highly recommended to watch with someone who does not share your opinion." - BLCKBX.TV Language: Dutch Subtitles: English, Dutch World War C - DOCSFAIR: Rumble Video - BLCKBX.TV:
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NameWorld War C 2021 - DOCSFAIR - English + Dutch Subs [1080p H265]
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