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How many ads do you see on ConCen?

ConCen will never have advertisements. This is good for you, but not for my pocketbook.

Not only do I maintain the site, but the server as well. Additionally, I have been paying the monthly rent and other fees. This will change or I'll move on to other things.

There was an IndieGoGo campaign, but when people donated by credit card, they took the first $50. Nasty, greedy people. Not recommended.

I used to provide a snail mail address, but in the 11 years I've done it, only one person mailed a donation. Sad. Thank you one person.

You can donate via bitcoin in a truly anonymous way by sending me a PM. I'll create a one time bitcoin address which will never be used again or published, so it won't be associated with ConCen. If you create a one time sending address to send it from, your identity will be hidden as well.