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History - Science or Fiction [Russian - 24 DVD VOB]

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This is an epic and important series, in Russian, using science to prove that most of what we think of as History is false.

* 1,000 years was added to history - the "dark ages", obviously, never existed
* The Pyramids were built around 900-1000 years ago, from a primitive concrete
* Much of western History was copy/pasted from other histories
* The time of Jesus, and ancient Rome, are much more recent than taught

These two episodes have been manually translated into English here:
Episode 1:
Episode 5:

Episode 1 is a good introduction, and Episode 5 is about the pyramids.

There are a few other episodes on that YouTube channel, and otherwise I found a set of Bulgarian subtitle files, which I auto-translated into English. It can be hard to follow but is generally understandable if you give it your full attention, and well worth it.

If you speak Russian, perhaps you would be willing to help translate the remaining episodes.

Most people won't want to download this torrent. Instead, download the x265 rip - which needs re-seeding. I have lost the files so I need someone here to re-upload. 50 people grabbed it, someone must have them.

You will also need the English subtitles - auto-translated from Bulgarian subs that I found. Enough to watch it and understand.


This torrent is the original set of 24 DVDs from a Russian tracker - those trackers are included in the torrent. I will seed these indefinitely for posterity and to support future encodes - I will hardcode subs as better subtitle files are produced.

Here's the torrent on the Russian tracker, for info: