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Vernon Coleman 2021-02-02 Doctors and Nurses Giving...Vaccine...War Criminals - 120 languages

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Dr Vernon Coleman
"An old man in a chair"

Vernon Coleman 2021-02-02 Doctors and Nurses Giving the Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Tried as War Criminals
15 min 18 sec - mp4 (AVC-AAC)

English-language subtitles from careful transcription. Computer-translated subtitles
in about 120 languages (Yandex, Google, Baidu, MsBing)

Dr Coleman stopped making videos because his BNT account was hacked, I guess,
and the comments, which he had disabled, were turned back on. And besides, he
said he didn't have time to keep making videos.

So came forth a video with a still image and two soundtracks, synthesized voices,
(TTS), English and French. So you could listen to either voice, with or without
subtitles in any one of about 100 languages.

THEN, I didn't get the memo, but Dr Coleman DID record a video of this commentary.
OK, here he is, with no second sound track but with (redone) subtitles in about 120

If you think the Coleman lectures have been too restrained and unemotional, then
you'll LOVE to see Dr C GO OFF THE RESERVATION in this one!

Besides, the title is already pretty provocative, don't you think?

Repeat until saturated:
1 There is no PANDEMIC.
2 Lockdowns, MASKS, social distancing etc. are only for producing submission and
3 The PCR covid TEST is ridiculously useless. (The PCR creator says it's not for
diagnostic use.)
4 No VACCINE is even needed, for a disease no more lethal than the flu.

***** "Distrust the Government. Avoid mass media. Fight the lies." *****


no pandemic? you are living under a rock

sigh...I can only bite my tongue for so long.

There seem to be a lot of holes in that thesis, don’t you think?

How can you say there is not something medically amiss in the world right now?

I understand that the American viewpoint is uniquely and fiercely independent but I spent 8 years in Japan and that is a culture that accepts wearing masks: it is considered socially unacceptable *not* to wear a mask if you have a cold.

For me, one of the great side-effects of this unprecedented time is that it has become more socially acceptable in other parts of the world (outside Japan) to wear a mask! I prefer doing that when traveling since I am routinely exposed to weird and wonky behaviors and I have to breathe their disgusting air and touch their disgusting surfaces. I think this is a HUGE step forward socially and medically.

There must be some common ground we can come to here.

How about, rather than just re-posting what others have to say, we simply admit that none of us here are experts? However, we as a group here are uniquely positioned to know that there are cover-ups out there. But let us also remember that there have been plagues in recorded history. No?

I certainly appreciate unique perspectives but I consider this repetition of "no pandemic!" to be more harmful than good. To me, that argument is part of the problem, not the solution. At the very least, let us err on the side of the caution.

This subject is volatile and incendiary and I am not trying to stoke the fires of your collective ire. But, my god, the conversation seems so one-sided.

No pandemic? If that is even remotely true, then the matrix-weavers have done an EXCEPTIONALLY good job at pulling the wool over the world's eyes. For there has NEVER been such a coordinated response as this in recorded history. So, if I am wrong, then I give my kudos to the Invisible Hand behind it. You, sir(s), are pretty goldarnit impressive!

People often forget about what happened to Italy when this pandemic first hit. Mass hospitalizations, mass deaths, overflowing morgues and funeral homes etc etc. A lot of the global reactions have been for other countries to avoid that outcome by doing quarantines, masks, social distancing.

The way the different countries are dealing with the pandemic is another issue and perhaps it could have been done differently. Like more money devoted to hospital ventilators and quarantining the vulnerable, while letting everybody else stay in school and at work. Instead of shutting down everything and having everybody stay at home and have many small businesses go under and many people go broke and the increasing isolation cause massive mental health crises etc.

people die, but normal people get on with their life. geesh. NO OTHER PLACE IN HISTORY has life been shut down because people died.
this whole thing is mockingbird brainwashing. If people turned off the TV, went and lived with some amish... they wouldn't see any "pandemic", they'd just see "flu" and other natural causes of death that have magically gone away to be labeled "convid".

‘Covid’: If there is no virus, why are people dying?

I hear you when you say people die, and this is a type of flu, but my ears wall over when you say people are brain washed: by your own admission, you are among the sane members of the entire human race? that's archetypal, brother.
we have never lived in a hyperlinked world (read: thinking network) and faced fatal contagions that are entirely preventable. the handwriting is on the wall. if you don't like what you see NOW, you are going to have a hard time in the days AHEAD.