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Vernon Coleman 2021-02-02 Doctors and Nurses Giving...Vaccine...War Criminals - Dual audio 100 languages

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tags: Coleman,coronavirus,covid-19,human experimentation,informed consent,Nuremberg,vaccination,war crimes

Dr Vernon Coleman
"An old man in a chair"

Vernon Coleman 2021-02-02 Doctors and Nurses Giving the Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Tried as War Criminals
11 min 13 sec - mp4 (AVC-AAC-AAC)

English-language subtitles from published text. Computer-translated subtitles
in about 100 languages (Yandex, Google, Baidu)

Because Dr Coleman stopped making videos, the picture here is only a fixed image
of "an old man in a chair", which serves as background for the subtitles.
(But there usually wasn't much physical movement in the Coleman moving pictures.)

And there are two soundtracks - SYNTHESISED VOICES (TTS), English and French.
So you can listen to either voice, with or without any one of the 100 sets of

1 There is no PANDEMIC.
2 Lockdowns, MASKS, social distancing etc. are only for producing submission and
3 The PCR covid TEST is ridiculously useless. (The PCR creator says it's not for
diagnostic use.)
4 No VACCINE is even needed, for a disease no more lethal than the flu.

"Distrust the Government. Avoid mass media. Fight the lies."