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Vernon Coleman 2021-01-23 The full, scary story of Agenda 21

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Dr Vernon Coleman
"An old man in a chair"

Vernon Coleman 2021-01-23 The full, scary story of Agenda 21 - 130 languages
7 min 47 sec - mp4 (AVC-AAC)

English-language subtitles from careful transcription. Computer-translated subtitles
in about 130 languages (Yandex, Google, Baidu, MsBing)

Dr Coleman stopped making videos because his BNT account was hacked, I guess,
and the comments, which he had disabled, were turned back on. And besides, he
said he didn't have time to keep making videos.

Then, Dr Coleman did resume recording video lectures. This one is not a substitute
for reading at least the relevant parts of Professor Carroll Quigley's book
"Tragedy and Hope" or G. Edward Griffin's "The Creature From Jekyll Island,"
but watching it will take less time.
Dr Coleman's message essentials:
There have only been about the number of deaths normally caused by influenza.
2 Lockdowns, MASKS, social distancing etc. are only for producing submission and
obedience. They have done negligible good and immense harm.
3 The PCR covid TEST is ridiculously useless. (The PCR creator says it's not for
diagnostic use.)
4 No VACCINE is even needed. How could one be created, when no virus has
been ISOLATED and CHARACTERISED (as required by the Koch standard)?
The "vaccines" are killing unconscionable numbers of recipients.

***** "Distrust the Government. Avoid mass media. Fight the lies." *****


Wearing masks where I work has greatly reduced regular sickness. There are far fewer cases of just usual sickness. it's a sound medical practice.

why do you feel threatened by a mask, dude?

I feel threatened by masks because it is NOT sound medical practice.
If you don't find anything convincing in any of these torrents, I don't
know much to add:

Thanks, Diog. I'm sceptical of recourse to argument by authority. It's not really an answer
I just have one question: when doctors perform surgery on you or your loved ones, it's okay with you for them to not wear a mask?

If people want to wear a mask because it makes them feel safe, healthy or whatever then fair enough, I've no problem with that.

I don't feel threatened by them wearing a mask. It's their body, their choice. I have no right to tell anyone what they can or can't do with their body, likewise they have no right to tell me.

However, in the country where I am living, I am threatened with violence by the government if I don't wear a mask. It's been dictated here that people will wear a mask as soon as they leave their house. This happened at the beginning of April last year, literally overnight they did a complete U-turn.

Up until that point the message had been healthy people should not wear masks, only wear them if you feel sick. Even now when you go to the doctors, they are still playing the infomercial/screensavers on the TV screens stating this fact. They even feature a healthy cartoon superhero who doesn’t wear a mask, to get the message across to the kids. The notices are still in the public toilets as well.

Regarding surgeons wearing a mask to perform an operation there was a study that concluded masks did nothing to reduce the incidence of wound infection.

I have heard people make the argument along the lines of "well surgeons wear masks all day and they are ok". The problem with this:

- Operating theaters have strict environmental controls (such as airflow, temperature, humidity)
- They are sterile environments
- At no point does the surgeon touch the mask
- The masks are changed regularly

A surgery environment is very different compared to the everyday use of masks being forced on people. I think masks are also another means to divide us, something else to get people fighting about.