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Vernon Coleman 2020-11-27 Mask-Wearing Collaborators Will Kill Us-125 languages

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Dr Vernon Coleman
"An old man in a chair"

Vernon Coleman 2020-11-27 The Mask-Wearing Collaborators Are Going to Kill Us All
13 min 56 sec - mp4 (AVC-AAC)

English-language subtitles from careful transcription
Computer-translated subtitles in ABOUT 125 LANGUAGES,
(Yandex, Google, MsBing)
Please post a message if any translation is egregiously awful.

Dr Coleman:
"The mask wearers are collaborators. They are enabling the fascist
bastards who've created a threat, and a series of alleged cures,
out of nothing and who are working towards a take-over of every
aspect of our lives. And meanwhile, the mask wearing is doing real
damage to people."
"All around the world bacterial pneumonia is on the rise.
It will soon be a genuine epidemic."
"Politicians will tell us we have to wear our masks for longer –
out of doors and in our homes, because of the bacterial pneumonia."
"How many thousands have died because of the damned masks?
I have no idea nor has anyone else. But I can tell you this:
almost every one of those needless deaths will have
almost certainly been wrongly put down as a covid-19 death."
Why do they want people to wear something they know will do more
harm than good? ... Could it possibly be to make them ill (in order to push
up the alleged number of covid-19 deaths) and to reduce the population?
... And could it be because they know that the mask wearers endanger
all of us, in a number of ways both physical and psychological, and are
providing support for totalitarian governments around the world?"
"It's no longer much of an exaggeration to compare what's happening
around the world to what happened in Nazi Germany or Stalin's Russia.
We're inches away from concentration camps and midnight terrors.
And it's going to get far, far worse. Anyone who doesn't realise that
just hasn't been paying attention. 2021 is going to be worse than 2020."