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Unplugem - Heavyweight Jammin' In Detroit

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unplugem youtube channel

This is the channel I've been listening to lately. Every talk I've listened has been good and informative. Scott Johnson, Shieldoftheson, and Unplugem are my favorite productions

Unplugem is a unique, inner-city Detroit based, researcher of the occult and esoteric; specializing in urban guerilla info war-tactics! Peculiar in personality, and swift-of-lip, The Creator has charged this teacher to bring an interesting, fresh, new take on many of the old conspiracy theories/truther concerns/"religious"-"spiritual" concepts, from a godly perspective in these amazing days and times. He is a believer in The Most High, and the Messiah.
With over 20yrs research about the illuminati and a rich history in the Motown hip-hop scene under his old-school, personalized, brass-buckled belt, no other brother you'll discover is as qualified to wear the unique moniker, "Ghetto Morpheus"... But he's no patron of dreams, Unplugem Jack is a well-studied, sincere believer with a keen eye for "game", and packs a saber sharp wit when it comes to this 'skit' (; . Motto:"Don't just show and tell, show and prove!" KillumiNation is on the move. 1Luv.