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Conspiracy Video Collection 9.30.15

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I was thinking about naming this: Last New Conspiracy Video Collection. But there might be more collections, even though it seems like there's less and less these days. I originally downloaded these and more videos from the UFO disclosure site, but realized that all the videos only downloaded half! Did I waste hours and hours? Well I decided to go through the videos briefly and see which ones "looked" good. I then redownloaded the better videos via youtube. If you are wondering why no youtube links or descriptions it's because each video to download took about 23 clicks to download.

Shieldoftheson new

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These are recent shieldoftheson youtube videos. I've only listened to the Trump President talk. IT WAS REALLY GOOD!>
American X 2 2.mp4 53.69 MB
MK Ultra.mp4 71.37 MB
Shadow Government.mp4 52.28 MB
The Stalking Program.mp4 48.95 MB
Top Questions 5.mp4 62.93 MB
Trump and the 2016 Elections.mp4 52.32 MB
What is Christianity.mp4

(Age Of Deceit) Movie Refuted {FaceLikeTheSun}

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Part 1
There are many false teachings in the documentary called Age of Deceit by FaceLikeTheSun. Watch all three parts of my video.

Study Resources:
Alleged Books of Enoch and Jasher: Fictions and Frauds

What Does the BIBLE Say: Sons of God vs. Fallen Angels

The Dangerous Teachings Of Enterthe5t4rz

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This video would be for you if you are a Christian or if you follow the youtube channel Enterthe5t4rz. This video is about 45 minutes in duration. In the video, you will hear what Enterthe5t4rz is teaching, which is disinformation. There are probably a lot of sponsored CIA youtube Channels. KJ from the ScariestMovieEver said he has a Hollywood and military Background. His subscription number is over Hundred Thousand. R$E or Round Saturn's Eye also comes from Hollywood. He met the Queen and hung out with Peter Jackson and Jack Black. R$E has been caught in many lies.

Round SaturnsEye And Vigilant Christian Exposed (pack)

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Round SaturnsEye And Vigilant Christian Exposed

Unplugem - Heavyweight Jammin' In Detroit

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unplugem youtube channel

This is the channel I've been listening to lately. Every talk I've listened has been good and informative. Scott Johnson, Shieldoftheson, and Unplugem are my favorite productions

Shieldofsun Youtube Collection (reupload)

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shieldoftheson youtube video is worth checking out. His channel is Christian, and he gives talks/studies on the history of the fallen angels. Other studies include exposing Hollywood and the Music Industry.

Music, Movies, Video Games Want Your Soul {UPDATED} (Christian Films) (abc Christian)

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Music, Movies, Video Games Want Your Soul {UPDATED} (Christian Films) (abc Christian)

This an updated collection of some of my work.

Music That Want Your Soul
add narration/commentary. This video exposes Music Videos as being Satanic and against Jesus Christ. Mostly 80/90s music videos. Should make things more clear with the commentary. Some people where wondering why I used certain music videos like Pointer Sisters - Automatic. well now you will know.

Best of Youtube

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This collection is the best of youtube....out of the collection of youtube files I have uploaded over the past year or so. PLEASE SEED!!!! For as long as possible. Took a lot of hours to put this together. Now this collection doesn't include every topic, but exposes evil and Satan's devices. Again, Jesus Christ is the truth. Believe that Jesus shed his blood and gave up his life for us sinners and you shall be saved. Let us repent from our sins. God Bless and remember to Praise Him!!!


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