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Ultra-compressed Subliminal Hyper-learning for Posthumans (2015)

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Ultra-compressed Subliminal Hyper-learning for Posthumans (2015) Warning: In some people this may lead to epileptic seizures. I won't accept any responsibility. This is strictly experimental. You alone are responsible for your own life. Basically I have compressed 3 hours of learning materials down to 4 minutes. Yes, your ultra-powerful holographic hyperspace-mind can easily cope with that. You should loop this file and use it as a sleep-learning file while being asleep. This may smash your limited concepts about learning quite a bit. Did you really believe that learning has to be done on the conscious level? Why not do it subconsciously? At least your subconscious mind isn't being hampered by your deplorable self-limiting beliefs. Technical: I've added a 44 Hz Gamma brainwave file in order to facilitate the absorption of information by your mental system. If you don't know who you are, then you won't know what you can do. The world is your oyster. Bear in mind that mainstream schools aren't meant to uplift you, to bring you up to the level of genius, they're meant to dumb you down, to turn you into an obedient robot with a pseudo-intellectual tunnel-vision. Basically anyone has the potential of becoming and being a genius. Ever tried the John C. Lilly Samadhi floatation tank? Drugs are so obsolete now, and I speak from experience. Has it ever occurred to you that people over and over again have been trying to make you feel small and helpless about yourself? They did that in order to gain power over you. Instead of becoming greater themselves, they were trying to make you feel smaller. What a vicious way of controlling other people. It's a mind-game, a form of mental poker. It's about controlling other people's imagination about themselves. source files: 4000 Essential English Words Book 5 - Paul Nation - Mantesh Thanks to KAT Mantesh. tags: learning, memory, posthuman, future, subliminal, English, language
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thank you!!! could you do one on basic math?

Is headphone necessary or can we just play it on speakers while asleep. ?

thank you

I downloaded this twice now, and both times I have not been able to get it to play. Any suggestions? I've tried VLC. The first time I got nothing at all, and after the second download, I got a picture before it suddenly closed. Thanks as always, you have the best uploads.