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Your Memory: How It Works and How to Improve It (2ndEd, 2001)

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Do you want to stop forgetting appointments, birthdays, and other important dates? Work more efficiently at your job? Study less and get better grades? Remember the names and faces of people you meet? The good news is that it's all possible.

Samsung Can Erase Your Memory with Hypnosis (2018)

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Samsung Can Erase Your Memory with Hypnosis (2018) Samsung Launches a Site That Can Erase Your Memory with Hypnosis “Unspoil Me” claims it can “erase the memory” of a TV show you’ve watched, allowing you to watch it again for the first time. Did you ever tell yourself: “I wish there was a corporate website that could hypnotize me and erase part of memory”? If so, what is wrong with you? Also, you’re in luck. Samsung’s Swedish site includes a bizarre feature called Unspoil Me – a 23-minute hypnosis session comprised of swirling patterns, mesmerizing music and a hypnotherapist controlling your mind. The aim is to get your brain to forget your favorite TV show in order for you to watch it again – as if it was the first time. No, this is not a joke. The firm actually seems pretty serious about this. The session was created by certified hypnotists Ulf Sandström and Fredrik Praesto. Before starting, the site asks participants to consent to some terms and conditions including the following: 3. Before starting the experience I guarantee that I’m over 18 years old, fully mentally healthy and not suffering from any neurological problems or epilepsy. If not, I guarantee that I will contact a doctor before I take part of the experience. If I suffer from abnormally low blood pressure, I will also consult with a doctor before taking part of the experience. 4. I am aware that the experience (self hypnosis) could have real effects and I am prepared to forget the whole, or parts of my favorite TV series. 5. I ensure my sole purpose of using Unspoil Me is for its intended purpose, and I will therefore only think about a film clip or a tv-series which I will have the possibility to forget. The tool also requires participants to put on headphones, to isolate themselves in a tranquil place and to watch the entire thing without interruption. It also recommends a night’s sleep before re-watching the “erased” TV show. The site is not joking around about this. Hypnosis Session When the session begins, hypnotic patterns swirl on screen as the hypnotist introduces himself. The vibe is very creepy and the fact that the guy sounds like a James Bond villain does NOT help. Then, the music starts and the hypnotist asks the listener to focus on the swirling pattern. Then, one must count backward from 300 as the hypnotist keeps repeating about going to a “deeper place”. At one point, one must envision a set of 10 stairs going down to an even “deeper place”. The hypnotist then asks the participant to walk down the stairs as he tells a story about an emperor and a mathematician. There’s lots neuro-linguistic programming going on there. Then, the listener is asked to envision a linear timeline and to think about when the TV show was first watched. The hypnotist instructs the listener to “float” to a point on the timeline before the TV show happened. Once this is done, the listener is told to fly back, at super-speed, to the “now”. In the end, the hypnotist claims that the show will become a “small fuzzy image” in the subject’s mind. He also adds that, during the next night’s sleep, one of the listener’s dreams will “install” everything that was done during the session. Stop Being Creepy Nowadays, major tech companies are not satisfied with selling products to customers. They need to be able to spy on them, to collect their data and, if possible, to control their minds and thoughts. While this hypnosis site might be a bizarre marketing ploy to sell TVs, it nevertheless reflects the mind-state of these tech giants. One needs to be very trusting to subject themselves to a corporate-sponsored hypnosis session. Who knows what other messages might be embedded in there? But the creepiness doesn’t stop here. In real life, electroshock therapy is used to erase “bad memories” from subjects’ minds in order to treat depression and PTSD. In darker circles, hypnosis and electroshock are used to erase, distort and to re-create the memories of victims who underwent severe trauma – an important step of mind control. Considering this fact, the name of the hypnosis site – Unspoil Me – is rather disturbing. Yes, it alludes to the fact that it “erases” TV show spoilers. But it also alludes to the dark truth of memory erasing techniques: It is about “unspoiling” the minds of those who were “spoiled” by crimes, trauma, and abuse. So did the hypnosis work? I don’t know. Do you think I’d subject myself to this crap? One thing I do know is that I NEED TO BUY A BRAND NEW SAMSUNG TV RIGHT NOW. Files: audio Unspoil Me (AAC,256kbps).m4a text Mind Control Samsung Site Wipes Your Memory So You Can Re-watch TV Shows Alex Jones' Infowars Th.pdf Samsung Launches a Site That Can Erase Your Memory With Hypnosis - The Vigilant Citizen.pdf video Unspoil Me.mp4 hypno.jpg Torrent_downloaded_from_Demonoid_-_www.demonoid.pw_.txt hypno.nfo tags: hypnosis, mind control, memory, erasing, delete, wipe, mind, brainwashing, mkultra

The 2017 Awakening from Alzheimers Series, 21st Sept – 2nd Oct 2017

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Discover How to Reduce Your Risk, Restore Your Health, and Reverse the Effects of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Episode 1:
Getting Started: What You Can Do Today To Halt & Reverse Alzheimer’s & Dementia with Lee Euler & Peggy Sarlin

Ultra-compressed Subliminal Hyper-learning for Posthumans (2015)

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Ultra-compressed Subliminal Hyper-learning for Posthumans (2015) Warning: In some people this may lead to epileptic seizures. I won't accept any responsibility. This is strictly experimental. You alone are responsible for your own life. Basically I have compressed 3 hours of learning materials down to 4 minutes. Yes, your ultra-powerful holographic hyperspace-mind can easily cope with that. You should loop this file and use it as a sleep-learning file while being asleep. This may smash your limited concepts about learning quite a bit. Did you really believe that learning has to be done on the conscious level? Why not do it subconsciously? At least your subconscious mind isn't being hampered by your deplorable self-limiting beliefs. Technical: I've added a 44 Hz Gamma brainwave file in order to facilitate the absorption of information by your mental system. If you don't know who you are, then you won't know what you can do. The world is your oyster. Bear in mind that mainstream schools aren't meant to uplift you, to bring you up to the level of genius, they're meant to dumb you down, to turn you into an obedient robot with a pseudo-intellectual tunnel-vision. Basically anyone has the potential of becoming and being a genius. Ever tried the John C. Lilly Samadhi floatation tank? Drugs are so obsolete now, and I speak from experience. Has it ever occurred to you that people over and over again have been trying to make you feel small and helpless about yourself? They did that in order to gain power over you. Instead of becoming greater themselves, they were trying to make you feel smaller. What a vicious way of controlling other people. It's a mind-game, a form of mental poker. It's about controlling other people's imagination about themselves. source files: 4000 Essential English Words Book 5 - Paul Nation - Mantesh Thanks to KAT Mantesh. tags: learning, memory, posthuman, future, subliminal, English, language

Al Fry's Incredible Inquiry Series - Mysteries on Our Planet (1985)

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Al Fry's Incredible Inquiry Series - Mysteries on Our Planet (1985) Al Fry - Hidden Bible Knowledge.avi Al Fry - History You Never Heard - World War Two.avi Al Fry - Lock Up Dangers and Freedom Techniques.avi Al Fry - Strange Beings 1.avi Al Fry - Strange Creatures 1.avi Al Fry - The 1001 Nights - A Doorway to the Past.avi Al Fry - Triple Your Intellect and Memory 1.avi

Al Fry's Incredible Inquiry Series - Mysteries on Our Planet (1985)

Al Fry - Hidden Bible Knowledge.avi

Al Fry - History You Never Heard - World War Two.avi

Al Fry - Lock Up Dangers and Freedom Techniques.avi

Al Fry - Strange Beings 1.avi

Al Fry - Strange Creatures 1.avi

Al Fry - The 1001 Nights - A Doorway to the Past.avi

Al Fry - Triple Your Intellect and Memory 1.avi

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