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Thomas Budzynski Hypnosis Sleep Relaxation Program (2009)

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Thomas Budzynski Hypnosis Sleep Relaxation Program (2009) Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D., Affiliate Professor of Psychology, University of Washington Thomas Budzynski graduated first from the University of Detroit with an Electrical Engineering degree and worked in aerospace for 7 years. He was the inertial navigation supervisor on the SR71 Blackbird project at Area 51. Later he earned a master’s and Ph.D. in psychology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Dr. Budzynski was one of the pioneers in the area of biofeedback, and has developed a number of biofeedback instruments along with John Picchiottino. In addition to on-going research with Johann Stoyva at the University of Colorado Medical Center, Tom started a private biofeedback clinic in Denver with Charles Adler and Kirk Peffer circa 1972. He later managed the clinic for 16 years before re-entering the academic world again as an Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington. He continues research in the areas of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, academic performance enhancement and cognitive enhancement in the elderly with his able associate and wife Helen Kogan Budzynski, Ph.D. who is a Professor Emeritus at the university in the School of Nursing. A licensed psychologist in Washington, Dr. Budzynski sees selected patients for neurotherapy at his home office. General Parameters: - Name: 01 Nature.mp3 - Container: MPEG Audio - Size: 57.25 MB - Duration: 23mn 49s - Bitrate: 320 Kbps audio Hypnotic Sleep Program Hypnotic Sleep Program.jpg 01 Nature.mp3 02 Ocean.mp3 Six Phase Relaxation Program Six Phase Relaxation Program.jpg 01 Phase 1 ; Tense-Relax.mp3 02 Phase 2 ; Differential Relaxation.mp3 03 Phase 3 ; Limb Heaviness.mp3 04 Phase 4 ; Heavy and Warm.mp3 05 Phase 5 ; Facial Relaxation.mp3 06 Phase 6 ; Stress Management.mp3 text Thomas Budzynski The Clinical Guide to Sound and Light.pdf Tom-Hawaii.jpg tags: hypnosis, sleep, relaxation, mind control, stress, healing, health
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