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Nourishing Traditional Diets video lectures Sally Fallon

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Sally Fallon of the Weston A. Price Foundation ( gives a 3 part 5.5 hr lecture on Price's classic Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.
Price travelled the world investigating the varied diets of pre-urban peoples. No matter whether they were Eskimos living on high fat/protein diet, Masai on blood and milk, Polynesians, etc., etc,; they all had one characteristic in common: full jaw and bone development, no dental caries, no need to brush or floss! For Price who was a dean of American dentistry, writing a well used textbook, he assumed decay was "normal," but see peoples without such degneration, without narrow jaws and ill-fitting snaggle teeth, this was a revelation.

His research of generations who were introduced to "civilized" (devitalized) Western diets show the succeeding generations developing the same infirmities as the urban Western man.

He set out to pinpoint what were the essential features common to all these diets, and did so.