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New documentary seed help request?

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New documentary seed help request?

I ain't going to write some large lengthy paragraph explaining why I need you all to help seed my new torrent.

Just download this new documentary, watch it, and if you feel as angry about the corrupt politics of frame ups and Feds doing terrible junk to peaceful political activists and fabricating evidence against them, you should seed this new torrent, Please share it, I recommend it.

Here is some backgeround info for those who need to find out what this is before downloading it. Here you go.

---------------------- DOCUMENTARY RELEASE INFORMATION -----------------------
Description: Directed by Brian D. Hill, released by Family. Watch this Part of of the series of short Documentary videos regarding the Frame Up of Patriots, alternative media, journalists, and activists. Frame up with materials possessed by the Deep State Swamp, the Pedophile Rings. Hear their stories and learn the dangers of the Federal Swamp, how they compromise Judges and Officials and may have the intent to manufacture evidence against you.
Video: HVC1 1920x1080 29.97fps 4223kbps [V: hevc main L4.0, yuv420p, 1920x1080, 4223 kb/s]
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 195kbps [A: SoundHandler (aac lc, 48000 Hz, stereo, 195 kb/s)]
Bitrate: 4223kbps
Resolution: Full High Definition 1080P
Subtitles: No subtitles available
---------------------- DOCUMENTARY RELEASE INFORMATION -----------------------

Available online at:

is this a joke

serious question

zoopenhoff wrote:
zoopenhoff wrote:

serious question

or a fundraiser? there's 4 different ways to donate......

New documentary series - Federal Porn Wars Part 2: Judicial Corruption (2021) | ConCen

Folks telling us they want a second documentary. So here it is.


Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't all of this legal stuff happen upwards of 10 years ago? Wouldn't it be better to let messy criminal cases such as this slip away into time until everybody has forgotten all about it and then try to ask for a pardon or something? I guess if it were a legitimate conspiracy that intelligence agencies really did plant child porn on this guy's computer - but it seems unlikely they would do that with a peer to peer program like eMule. I don't know, I might be wrong!

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