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Megacollection - Gerry Vassilatos (2021)

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A lot of books and audio materials from a very interesting person.
The material here is free only for "fair usage" - Section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

3rd version 2022-09-28
Added video and sound material.
Final version.

2nd version 2022-08-18 (discarded)
Book review from the books by Le Bon books added, VRIL has been new edited and Compendium 9,10,11 added.

1st version 2022-08-05 (discarded)


I think I have a few things I can add to this. This is AF's new account FYI. Glad someone else here knows about the one and only Gerry.

I will expand this collection as possible.

Thank you! I think I already have these, but nice to see them coming back and it's great to hear more will be added!