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The Dangerous Teachings Of Enterthe5t4rz

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This video would be for you if you are a Christian or if you follow the youtube channel Enterthe5t4rz. This video is about 45 minutes in duration. In the video, you will hear what Enterthe5t4rz is teaching, which is disinformation. There are probably a lot of sponsored CIA youtube Channels. KJ from the ScariestMovieEver said he has a Hollywood and military Background. His subscription number is over Hundred Thousand. R$E or Round Saturn's Eye also comes from Hollywood. He met the Queen and hung out with Peter Jackson and Jack Black. R$E has been caught in many lies. His channel has close to 50,000 subs. Enterthe5t4rz says the BlackChild Youtube channel has a past in Hollywood. Enterthe5t4rz has Hollywood connections too. Then there are channels like the Vigilant Christian. He has over 200,000 subs. I did videos exposing some of the concerns with his channel. I believe somebody would have to be promoting his channel. So why are they promoting these channels? Well it seems like they want to control the youtube so smaller channels get no views. Also, they can lead people a certain way by controlling the bigger channels.



smells like channel view/subscription envy :P

A lot of I think this, not any evidence. I have never heard of any of these channels, so if the hidden powers are promoting, I'm not sure they are getting their money worth. Just because people do not watch you absolutely hilarious videos, does not mean that people are out to get you.

Both of you have no love of the truth.

If this is true, show us some evidence. Not I heard this, or I think this.. where is even a shred of proof? Truth does not just come out of your mind, it exists freely in the world, so you should be able to show some sign that what you say has some real bearing in reality. I am a truth addict ("ah shit I got a head rush"), an evidence addict.. I do not care about your opinion.

he has you by the nuts on this.....
please show proofs please...
this is gonna be interesting.
you don't really know me at all but you seem to think that your little sentence is some kind of ultimate statement...
it's not.. it's an attempt to run out with a one liner..
so come on... prove your statement

...both the torrent description and all the comments have something in common - they all ramble on with no grasp of basic English syntax, and tell me that the factual quality of this torrent will be unintelligent, ill-considered and ignorant. Thanks for saving me from wasting 45 minutes of my life.