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Ben Dragon's - "Child Of The State"

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This is a supplemental Audio Lecture to Ben Dragon's book A Manual For Humanity called "Child of the State"

Ben Dragon offers great insight into what the term "Child of the State" really means. He goes beyond what is meant by the legal term and brings the meaning into our homes while sewing together many different parts of our lives. He also shows us some of the technics used by the "stinkin' rich" to keep us doing their bidding.

This guy continues to impress me! He has an outstanding! understanding of what is going on and how the big boys are making us go along with there bullshit agenda!

If I were you I'd go back and listen to all of his stuff.


While this is a supplement to his book "A Manual For Humanity", I'm quite sure that everyone will find this stuff really good! I know I certainly do!

His website is at;

Ben Dragon's E-mail address is:

b-c at

I'll post more on his work when he does.

Thanks to those that download my torrents and make sure to check out my other ones too!


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