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The 2018 Healing Miracle Docuseries 16th - 25th January 2018

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You’ve seen the recent news about astounding stories in these microscopic miracles. Years of research have brought us to this pivotal point in medicine - the miracle of stem cell therapy, a powerful scientific breakthrough that captures and harnesses the stem cells in your own body and uses them to heal and rebuild damage done by disease, injury, and even aging. There has never been a more promising development in the medical field.

This ground-breaking new medical docuseries from filmmaker Jeff Hays presents interviews and information from the leading experts in stem cell research - doctors and scientists who are at the forefront of this cutting-edge technology - and powerful first hand testimony from people who have benefited from stem cell treatments.

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Life saving health information - please share widely and seed generously!!!


Jeff Hays makes a great documentary but his documenting of the episode content and participant biographies is always piss poor. All I am ever able to scavenge from his series info pages is a skeletal list of interviewees and their profession. Best I can do sorry.

..and then discard them in disgust thanks to super genius Jesuit indoctrination in all aspects of your life.. just throwing it out there ;)