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stem cells

CBC The Fifth Estate (2018.11.11) s44e05 Church Of Secrets; Banking On Cord Blood

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The 2018 Healing Miracle Docuseries 16th - 25th January 2018

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You’ve seen the recent news about astounding stories in these microscopic miracles. Years of research have brought us to this pivotal point in medicine - the miracle of stem cell therapy, a powerful scientific breakthrough that captures and harnesses the stem cells in your own body and uses them to heal and rebuild damage done by disease, injury, and even aging. There has never been a more promising development in the medical field.

The 2017 Live Longer Feel Better Docuseries, 30th Nov - 6th Dec 2017

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As we've made this documentary we've been learning all over again that the choices we make every day totally shape our tomorrows. So the good news is this: - there are LOTS of ways for you and your family to take simple but important steps NOW to guard against health problems later in life. And we're going to show you what those are.

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