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The 2017 Live Longer Feel Better Docuseries, 30th Nov - 6th Dec 2017

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As we've made this documentary we've been learning all over again that the choices we make every day totally shape our tomorrows. So the good news is this: - there are LOTS of ways for you and your family to take simple but important steps NOW to guard against health problems later in life. And we're going to show you what those are.

We have spent the last 18 months travelling the globe to find experts who can teach us what they themselves do to ensure a longer life without chronic disease. Here’s the details of the seven episodes:

Episode 1: A Golden 100?
Can we REALLY reach a century in good health? (November 30th)
This episode explores if it's REALLY possible to live a long and productive life while maintaining our independence, mobility and mental clarity. We hope this episode motivates you to make a concrete decision to change your lifestyle, AND to watch the rest of the series.

Episode 2: Why We're Toxic
What the 21st Century is doing to our bodies (December 1st)
In this episode we talk about the toxins in our homes (our cleaning products, EMF's from telephones and mobiles, the quality of our water) as well as the toxins in our environment. We also touch on GMO's in our foods, glyphosate in the environment and other factors.

Episode 3: Celebrating Nutrition
Thinking about what goes into our mouths (December 2nd)
In episode three we cover the crucial importance of a plant based diet. Although there are many opinions on diets and food intake, almost all agree that plant based is the cornerstone. We also touch on the importance of vitamins and supplements. And Tom Malterre takes us through the allergy maze and explains elimination diets.

Episode 4: Troubled Water
The devil and holy water (December 3rd)
In this episode we look at water in depth and how important it is to us. toxinsWe discuss about fluoridation and toxic municipal water supplies. And explain what EZ water is. And we discuss hydration WITHOUT drinking water. We also cover the importance of exercise and movement.

Episode 5: Unlocking Our Cells
The era of new age healthcare (December 4th)
This episode includes some startling examples of how stem-cell therapy has given new life to patients when all else has failed. We also see how the signs of aging can be dramatically reduced through Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. And we hear a prediction that a new age of healthcare is on its way.

Episode 6: Living Through Cancer
Battling the dreaded diagnosis (December 5th)
We all love stories of survival against the odds. This episode introduces three people who in different ways have met and overcome cancer. Now one of them is facing it again. We show strategies that have worked time and again to beat this dread disease.

Episode 7: Your Divine Dance
Head and Heart (December 6th)
We've nicknamed this episode 'Head and Heart'. All our experts agree that we need something more than pure water, clean food, exercise and supplements. We need a purpose to live. So this time we look at the spiritual/psychological/emotional aspect of our lives.

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