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The 2016 Sleep Success Summit, 8th - 14th August 2016

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If you want to improve anything, it starts with sleep. Sleep heals illness. Sleep reduces stress. Like diet and exercise, sleep is a pillar of wellness. No matter who or where you are, it’s time to understand these educational facts and actionable ways to affect your sleep in a positive manner.

Did you know?

+ 30% of people experience insomnia at some point in their lives.
+ Those who sleep next to a snoring partner lose one hour of sleep each night.
+ One night of sleep deprivation can put your body into a diabetic state!
+ A decrease in sleep by 1.5 hours reduces performance by 32%.

Day 1: Monday, August 8
Sean Croxton & Michael Breus - Interview with The Sleep Doctor
Shawn Stevenson - The Sleep Smarter Program
Terry Cralle - What It's Like to Go Through Sleep Testing?
Julie Flygare - I Have Narcolepsy. Do You?
Thaddeus Gala - New Perspective on Sleep Apnea
David M. Cloud - How Can the National Sleep Foundation Help You?

Day 2: Tuesday, August 9
Izabella Wentz - Getting to Root Cause of Hypersomnia and Thyroid Fatigue
Smith L. Johnston III - Sleeping on the Space Station
Jillian Sarno-Teta - Does Gut Health Prevent Quality Sleep?
Niki Gratrix - Is Your Past Preventing You from Sleeping?

Day 3: Wednesday, August 10
Magdalena Wszelaki - Your Hormones Could Be Affecting Your Sleep
Trevor Cates - Is There Such a Thing as Beauty Sleep?
Marc Sklar - Link Between Fertility and Sleep
Jonathan Bailor - Connection Between Sleep and Weight Loss
David M. Brady - Sleep Dysfunction, Chronic Pain, Stress and Fatigue
Alan Christianson - Heal Your Adrenals and Get Better Sleep

Day 4: Thursday, August 11
Arianna Huffington - Why You Should Be Passionate About Sleep!
Alan Greene - Kid's Sleep Problems and Parent's Nightmares!
Carey Chronis - Set the Stage in Infancy for Your Child's Future Sleep
Tom Morter - Subconscious Emotional Patterns Keeping You Awake at Night

Day 5: Friday, August 12
Michael T. Murray - Importance of Sleep to Overall Health and Wellness
Daniel Kalish - How Sleep Influences Functional Medicine
Amy Myers - Sleep, Functional Medicine and Autoimmune Function
Ben Lynch - Are Your Genes Affecting Your Ability to Sleep?
Donna Gates - Creating Energy from Better Sleep

Day 6: Saturday, August 13
Eric L. Zielinski - Sleep and Essential Oils: What's the Connection?
Emily Fletcher - How Meditation Cured my Insomnia!
Shiroko Sokitch - How Chinese Medicine Can Help with Sleep Problems
Harry Massey - Your Body's Natural Energy and Sleep Patterns
David Wolfe - How Your Environment Could Be Affecting Sleep!
Tom Terwilliger - Your Energy Level Is Directly Related to Sleep

Day 7: Sunday, August 14
Abel James - The Fat Burning Man's Guide to Better Sleep
Dan Pardi - Using Light as a Treatment for Better Sleep
Dave Woynarowski - Telomeres and Sleep
Russell Friedman - Impact of Unresolved Grief on Sleeping Patterns

This is CRITICAL health information for the modern age - please share widely and help me to keep this seeded for years to come. Check out my other 2016 Health Summit torrents also!

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