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Concen lost the quality?

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Concen lost the quality?

I'm member of the site last 5 years and I'm downloading torrents in the past 12 years. A year ago I noticed obvious degradation in quality of audio/video material/books. Maybe members don't have anything to say new or I get older and my life perspective changed...

It depends

I guess it depends on what you are looking for or what you find interesting...

Well, I appreciate having the

Well, I appreciate having the Gaia stuff here, but in general perhaps that's why?

Personally I thought that Russian stuff was golden, they give a pretty definitive proof that the pyramids are less than 1000 years old.

What would be some material of quality that you can recommend?

what russian stuff ? and

what russian stuff ? and where can I find it?


History - Science or Fiction

or books, seems much denser info I haven't been through it

This blew my mind, I found different parts of it convincing to different degrees, but basically history is a lie :)

ah yeah fomenko, haven't

ah yeah fomenko, haven't gotten to it yet. but yes I agree with your quality argument. it's all gaiaTV and "tucker carlson" now a days.

I am

fully confused about Tucker Carlson.

quality compared to what?

I only joined here last year so I can't comment on what it was like before but this site is definitely unique for me. It's got nice collections and the members share ideas and suggestions. That's more than I can say for other places that I have access to. The collections and content are not perfect but there's a lot of rare stuff here or at least a lot of stuff that is quite buried and hard to find on other sites.

Additional metadata functionality or tagging would be helpful -- then you could just click a tag cloud of stuff you like and filter by date to see what has been added lately in that category. That way you could just check back once in a while if you don't like the quality. But unless I missed it I don't see how we can add metadata. It sure would be nice. Actually, I dislike the search functionality here, too. So many things on the net have clunker search capabilities. Google sure got that one right, wow. hit that out of the park and clear out of the universe.

UFO docs

I will try to lay off all of the ET/UFO documentaries!

Tons of Gaia rips here too, I can understand maybe it has gone in a "New Age" direction...


I understand the UFO fascination.

It's hard to know what is true, but I am leaning towards space being so big it's impossible to traverse even for advanced races, and the whole thing being a psi-op.

However, I'm open to the idea of telepathic communication with aliens, which is what Alex Jones claims.

I don't think they are a waste of space, more that they deserve their own category :) or website :)

I agree

Who gets to decide what is "value"? That is highly arbitrary and extremely susceptible to the times and biases currently in favor. Hardly "scientific" at all -- and science is no better than any bias: researchers just publish what helps their career; fudge numbers to support their claims so they can get promotion and tenure; but most important of all is that a scientific mindset is still susceptible to the philosophic barrier of all mindsets we think are "true". What you believe to be true is just that (belief) and such belief is a barrier to actual truth.

“Science is a self-defense against the truth.” (attributed to Nietzsche)

Backstory for that argument, in case of interest:

“Religion is a defense against a religious experience" (attributed to Jung by Joseph Campbell)
Actual quotes:
“Dogma a much more efficient means of defence against further immediate experiences than any scientific theory.” Collected Works, para. 81
“...This is what always happens when things are ...dogmatized until they become so encrusted with man-made images and words that they can no longer be seen.” Collected Works, para. 479

"The image of God is the ultimate barrier to experiencing God." (attributed to Joseph Campbell)
Actual quote: “Well, you have to go past the image of Jesus. The image of God becomes the final obstruction. Your God is your ultimate barrier. This is basic Hinduism, basic Buddhism.”
(to which I would add "science" to his list of "gods")

“Science is a self-defense against the truth.” (attributed to Nietzsche by Babette Babich)
Actual quote: "...worse yet, whence all science? How now? Is the resolve to be so scientific about everything perhaps a kind of fear of, an escape from, pessimism? A subtle last resort against -- truth? " Nietszche, “Attempt at a Self-Criticism” in "The Birth of Tragedy", translated by Walter Kauffmann

I don't think we should drop

I don't think we should drop the ET/UFO stuff, but it shouldn't be the main focus of the tracker either.

but beggars can't be choosers, I'll take what I can find.

Lay off ?!?

OH N o o o o o o o !!!!!

Lay off . . .???!
TheCorsair00 wrote:

I will try to lay off all of the ET/UFO documentaries!
Tons of Gaia rips here too, I can understand maybe it has gone in a "New Age" direction...

Oh No o o o o o o o !!!!
I want them !

honestly I wouldn't mind some

honestly I wouldn't mind some of the long ago dead collections came to life!!

I don't really understand the

I don't really understand the collections. It seems so arbitrary, they often include stuff that is off-topic.

Are you supposed to read all the books in the collection? What if one of them will cover it? Which is the best?

well, most collections have a

well, most collections have a theme or a certain flavor to them , like free energy or anti-gravity or conspiracy, or health related and etc... , and yeah you should read as many books in the collection as you can, cause no single book will cover the entire topic.

I agree though they may be some overlaps in some collections, but if you're one of those who watch what he downloads then it won't be a problem and you can delete the duplicates.

people can...

upload whatever content they think is relevant to conspiracy central!

Please don't change ConCen

This site is the best resource around for so many reasons. I think that it has a great mix of material.

Thank you all

I uploaded some books to make Concen better...

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