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Mr Teslonian Maverick Survival Technology for Preppers video pack

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Mr Teslonian Maverick Survival Technology for Preppers video pack Description This is a show of Invention, Investigation, Contemplation and Exploration. When you understand the science, you can build anything with imagination a welder and some junk! Please enjoy the show and be creative! Files: 8,000 Gallon OFF GRID Aqua Culture System, With A Green House Watered By A Water Ram Pump.mp4 300 yard shot with an air rifle.mp4 Almost The Cutest Thing on Earth.mp4 Aquaponics Crayfish farm after 3 months, hundred's of baby crayfish.mp4 barbed wire fence home made fence dolly.mp4 Big bull Elk still in velvet.mp4 big wasp kills a Taranchula spider.mp4 Biocrude oil the final system running.mp4 BioCrude Oil, The Refinery part 1.mp4 BioCrude Oil, The Refinery part 2.mp4 BioCrude Oil, The Refinery part 3.mp4 BioCrude Oil, Wood Gas Part 4.mp4 BioCrude Oil, Wood Gas Part 5.mp4 BioCrude Oil, Wood Gas Part 9.mp4 BioCrude Oil, Wood Gas Part 10 the END.mp4 BioCrude Oil, Wood Gas Part#2.mp4 BioCrude Oil, Wood Gas Part#3.mp4 BioCrude Oil, Wood Gas, Destructive Distillation Part#1.mp4 BioCrude Oil, Wood Gas, Part 6.mp4 BioCrude Oil, Wood Gas, Part 7.mp4 BioCrude Oil, Wood Gas, Part 8.mp4 Build a Aquaponics system for $25, Part 3 - Two week's and growing.mp4 Build a Aquaponics system for $25, Part 4 The Harvest.mp4 Build a large Aquaponics system for $2500 Part 1 Farm Crayfish and Vegetables.mp4 Build a large Aquaponics system for $2500 Part 2 New filter and giant Red Claw crayfish.mp4 Building a Goliath Wimshurst machine how to Part 2, low voltage AC generator side.mp4 Building a Goliath Wimshurst machine how to part 3, 117 volts AC by hand.mp4 Building a Humanoid Robotic Hand For A Powered Exoskeleton Suit.mp4 Building the ultimate Gasifier wood stove part 1.mp4 Can we turn Styrofoam into Food.mp4 Capacitor home made high power.mp4 Chainsaw, Powered on Fire Wood.mp4 Cheap solar water heater for a RV or home.mp4 Composting Toilet, How to build for cheap.mp4 Compressed Air Engine.mp4 Concept Boat Hull Design, The Rolling Hull Wheels For Water Do you think it would work and why.mp4 Concept Hybrid Hyper-Sonic Weapon.mp4 dc generator how to part 2.mp4 Deer gets killed by a pair of coyotes and eat all of it.mp4 Desert Dredge Vacuum Gold Dredge.mp4 DON'T BUY A Hobbyking PULSE JET engine This only ran after serious modifications.mp4 Earth cell part 2.mp4 Earth Generator, Home size power plant build part 1.mp4 Easy Methane digester.mp4 Easy to build, Homemade JET ENGINE running great.mp4 Evaporative Refrigerator no electric bill.mp4 Exoskeleton Suit, Final build video.mp4 Exoskeleton Suit's, first test of two homemade Exo-Suit's.mp4 Exoskeleton, Homemade full body Exoskeleton.mp4 Exoskeleton, Wearing and testing the upper body's lifting capability.mp4 Focus Gold Pan 2, the new design.mp4 FREE FUEL from Trash or Wood for Engines.mp4 Free GASOLINE from Trash or Wood Part 1.mp4 Free GASOLINE from Wood Part 2.mp4 Free Gasoline from Wood Part 3.mp4 Free Gasoline from Wood Part 4.mp4 Free Gasoline from Wood Part 7.mp4 Free Gasoline from Wood, Part 5.mp4 Free Gasoline from Wood, Part 6.mp4 Fresnel lens solar tracker invention P#1.mp4 Fresnel Radio Telescope, New idea for SETI.mp4 Gasifier camp stove, that folds flat.mp4 Gasifier cookstove plans.mp4 Gasifier run's a Generator.mp4 gasifier runs a generator and make's gasoline part 6.mp4 gasifier runs a generator and make's gasoline part 7.mp4 gasifier runs a generator and make's gasoline part 8 the end.mp4 gasifier runs a generator part#3.mp4 Gasifier runs a generator part#4.mp4 Gasifier Truck How-To part 1.mp4 Gasifier Truck How-To part 2.mp4 Gasifier Truck How-To part 3.mp4 Gasifier Truck How-To part 4.mp4 Gasifier Truck How-To part 5.mp4 Gasifier Truck How-To part 6.mp4 Gasifier Truck How-To part 7.mp4 Gasifier Truck How-To part 8.mp4 Gasifier Truck How-To part 9.mp4 Gasifier Truck How-To part 10.mp4 Gasifier Truck How-To part 11.mp4 Gasifier Truck How-To part 12.mp4 Gasifier Truck How-To part 13.mp4 Gasifier Truck How-To part 14.mp4 Gasifier Truck How-To part 15.mp4 Gasifier Truck How-To part 16.mp4 Gasifier Truck How-To part 17.mp4 Gasifier Wood Stove full video.mp4 Gasifier wood stove prototype P#1 can run a generator.mp4 Gasifier wood stove prototype P#2 in action with afterburner.mp4 Giant valveless Pulse Jet Engine first tuning test fire up's.mp4 Gold mining find of a life time.mp4 gold pan home made the best on earth The Focus Pan.mp4 gravity powered generator or transferable mass generator part 2.mp4 Ground Battery, Stubblefield coil and Radiant energy.mp4 High volume Gasifier cook stove.mp4 Home food production Tilapia farming.mp4 home made 3-stage sluice box, and easy lift system.mp4 home made 50 cal Steam rifle.mp4 home made composting toilet part#1.mp4 home made composting toilet Part#2.mp4 home made fridge 1st prototype no power needed.mp4 home made fridge no power needed Evaprotive Fridge.mp4 Home made fridge P#2 upgraded system Evaprotive fridge.mp4 home made solar water heater powered by a fresnel lense.mp4 Home made three stage electric high banker in action Easy Lift Miner.mp4 home made water pump for wind mill.mp4 Home made Wimshurst machine, full build 18 disc's huge capacitors.mp4 Homemade 50 caliber Air Rifle in action.mp4 Homemade 50cal Air Rifle.mp4 Homemade CO2 Laser, part 1.mp4 Homemade CO2 Laser, part 2.mp4 Homemade CO2 Laser, part 3.mp4 Homemade CO2 Laser, part 4.mp4 Homemade CO2 Laser, part 5.mp4 Homemade Compressed Air Rifle.mp4 Homemade Dry Washer 2.mp4 Homemade Dry Washer.mp4 homemade Evaporative Cooling system.mp4 Homemade Exoskeleton Suit with Robotic Terminator Hands.mp4 Homemade Exoskeleton Suit, first walking and balance test.mp4 Homemade Exoskeleton, Final Test, Powered Walking and Lifting.mp4 Homemade Full-Auto Air Rifle.mp4 Homemade Gasoline.mp4 Homemade hand powered vacuum pump.mp4 Homemade hand powered X-Ray machine.mp4 Homemade High Banker and Easy Lift Miner.mp4 Homemade high output Thermoelectric Generator, 6 cell's 200mv.mp4 Homemade Machine Gun.mp4 Homemade Rocket Stove Steam Broiler, Built To Run A Steam Engine .mp4 Homemade spring piston Air Rifle.mp4 Homemade Steam Engine running on a Rocket Stove to produce steam.mp4 Homemade Steam Engine, 2 Stroke conversion first test run.mp4 Homemade Steam Engine, Build and Test.mp4 Homemade steam Rocket ultra powerful.mp4 Homemade TEG module, aluminium and iron thermoelectric generator.mp4 Homemade Tesla Turbine in action powering a generator.mp4 Homemade Tesla Turbine, For Micro Hydro, Wind or Steam Power.mp4 Homemade Thermal electric generator 250mv cell constuction.mp4 Homemade Turbo-Jet Engine made from an old electric motor part 1.mp4 Homemade TURBO-JET ENGINE running.mp4 Homemade Weapons, From Rifles to Rockets.mp4 Homemade Wood Stove, Gasifacation Wood Stove, Super Efficient Wood Stove.mp4 How a Pulse Jet and Ram Jet engine work, With a idea for a Pulse to Ram engine.mp4 How many gallons of gasoline would it take to make the World GREEN.mp4 How To build a Down Draft Gasifier Run a car or generator on wood smoke.mp4 How to build a super sized liquid fuel producing Gasifier WOOD STOVE, part 1.mp4 How to build a super sized liquid fuel producing Gasifier WOOD STOVE, part 2.mp4 How to build a super sized liquid fuel producing Gasifier WOOD STOVE, part 3.mp4 How to build a super sized liquid fuel producing Gasifier WOOD STOVE, part 4.mp4 How to build a super sized liquid fuel producing Gasifier WOOD STOVE, part 5.mp4 How to build a super sized liquid fuel producing Gasifier WOOD STOVE, part 6.mp4 How to build a super sized liquid fuel producing Gasifier WOOD STOVE, part 7.mp4 How to build a TURBO-JET ENGINE from easy to find materials.mp4 how to build the ISES gasifier part 8, runs a generator and produces gasoline.mp4 How to convert a 2 stroke engine to a Steam Engine.mp4 How to make a Anode ray tube.mp4 How to make a Earth Generator full show.mp4 How to make a electric vacuum pump for $10.mp4 how to make a electrostatic step-down transformer, part 2, ampere test, Wimshurst to low volt DC.mp4 How to make a Geiger Counter.mp4 How to make a Tesla Valve for a Pulse Jet Engine.mp4 How to make a thermoelectric generator from nitinol wire and copper.mp4 How to Make a Water Ram off-grid Water Pump, requires no electricity.mp4 How to make a X-ray tube, or cathode ray tube.mp4 How to make the ultimate camp Cooking Stove.mp4 How to raise Crayfish, from 0 to 6 week's.mp4 How To Steam Rocket.mp4 How-to make a electrostatic step-down transformer, converts electrostatic to low voltage DC.mp4 How-to make a Sluice Box, Dredge, Gold Pan, Dry Washer, Trommel and more.mp4 Human Powered Generator, 117 volts AC.mp4 Hydroelectric Electrostatic Generator.mp4 Imagine Finding This Crawling On Your Neck.mp4 ION BULLET -- COULD THIS BE THE BEGINNING OF HYPER-SONIC WEAPONS.mp4 Ion Pulse Engine Helicopter.mp4 Ion Pulse Motors and Anti-gravity Demonstrations.mp4 JET ENGINE powered RADIO CONTROLLED Snow Sled How fast will it go.mp4 Jet Engine powered RC Snow Sled first test and failed runs.mp4 Large HOMEMADE Valveless Pulse Jet Engine.mp4 Laser Trip Wire or Security System, Built With A Laser Pointer And A Solar Light.mp4 Living Fossil the Triops.mp4 magnetic monopole discovered, monopole magnet, conductor, and dielectic, key to free energy.mp4 Magnetic riffle sluice box.mp4 magnetic sluice box GolDymium Sluice Box in action.mp4 Make a counter-top Aquaponic's system, grow organic Strawberry's and Crayfish.mp4 Make your own Gasoline.mp4 Mechanical battery, gravity battery.mp4 Melting metal with sun light.mp4 mine lab GPX 5000 finding small nugets.mp4 Mr.Teslonian.mp4 MrTeslonian.mp4 MrTeslonian's Off-Grid Sustainable Farm, Project Goals With Farm Bot's.mp4 My lower two ponds in Arizona.mp4 My solar power system.mp4 My Wood Stove runs a generator.mp4 neodymium magnet motor generator.mp4 neodymium magnet motor new concept.mp4 neodymium magnet strange effect.mp4 neodymium magnet super motor generator.mp4 New Cone design for Blowguns, turns into arrow vane's.mp4 New discovery, Ion Gamma Reactor.mp4 New Gasifier cook stove with improvments.mp4 New Tesla Turbine Design, Full Test And Build NEW Design Starts Under Load.mp4 Off-Grid 8,000 gallon Aquaculture system and Green House half way through the season.mp4 Pellet holder for Air Gun Hunting.mp4 plasma ion propulsion and electrostatic motor's.mp4 Powered Exoskeleton Suit Full Build And Test.mp4 Powered Exoskeleton Suit, First Prototype full show.mp4 Powered Exoskeleton Suit, Model-2 First Test.mp4 prototype new shovel theShwovell, digging seystem.mp4 Prototype Shovel, new design makes digging easy The Shwovell Shovel.mp4 Radiation shield generator, powers the space station and protects astronauts.mp4 RC Pulse Jet engine failure HOBBYking IS JUNK.mp4 Rechargable BATTERY from DIRT and WATER.mp4 riffleless sluice box The GolDymium Sluice Box in action .mp4 rocket stove water heater.mp4 RV refrigerator, freezer Powered on fire wood PT#2 second fire box.mp4 Smokeless small camp stove home made pt#1.mp4 Solar Powered Prototype Farm Bot.mp4 Spring powered Crossbow Rifle.mp4 squirrel vs rattle snake.mp4 Squirrel Vs Snake, the Rematch and the loser get's EATEN.mp4 Steam Engine Build, small scale prototype.mp4 Steam Rocket Designs and Launch's.mp4 Steam Rocketry, high speed's and high thrust.mp4 Stepper Motors as Generator's, For Wind, Steam and Hydroelectric.mp4 Super Human Suit, Enhanced human function by electric stimulus Dodge Bullet's.mp4 Tesla coil the true secret how it was really used.mp4 Tesla Turbine powered Drone Air Craft Prototype testing part 1.mp4 Tesla Turbine, Aircraft Engine 0 to 3600 rpm's in 2 seconds.mp4 Tesla Turbine, Full Build And Test More Like Tesla's Original Design.mp4 Tesla Turbine, How To Make Your Own Tesla Turbine for Hydroelectric, Steam, or Wind.mp4 Tesla Turbine, New Bladeless Model.mp4 Tesla Turbine, Powered Drone Helicopter no prop load rpm Test.mp4 Tesla Turbine, Powers Small Vehicle Prototype.mp4 Tesla valve Pulse Jet engine flow discussion and diagram.mp4 Teslonian Man Show Make GAS from Wood Part 1.mp4 Teslonian Man Show Make GAS from Wood Part 2.mp4 Teslonian Turbine new design, How it Works.mp4 Testing a valveless Pulse Jet engine design as a Ram Jet engine.mp4 The better mouse trap.mp4 The Earth Cell dirt powered generator.mp4 The fastest Gold Pan on earth -- The Focus Pan in action.mp4 The Future of HYDROELECTRIC, 60 psi from 8 foot of head.mp4 Thermal cracking biocrude oil.mp4 thermal electric generator and fresnel lense make electricity.mp4 thermal electric generator home made.mp4 transferable mass generator gravity powered generatorpart 1.mp4 Treadle powered table saw.mp4 trommel how to make peddel powered full video.mp4 Trompe Hammer Part 2, Testing Water powered air compressor and water pump.mp4 turn lightning into electricity Wimshurst generator and a Tesla coil.mp4 Twin Ion pulse motor's powered by a massive Wimshurst Machine.mp4 Vacuum Muzzle Brake, Add More Velocity To Your Rifle.mp4 Vacuum pressure Bazooka.mp4 Valveless Pulse Jet Engine Building and tuning a linear tube engine P#2.mp4 Valveless Pulse Jet Engine Building and tuning a straight tube engine P#1.mp4 Valveless Pulse Jet Engine, Straight Tube VS U-Shaped engine design's.mp4 Valveless PULSE to RAM Jet Engine With a Concept Tesla Inspired Pneumatic Valve System Diagram.mp4 WARNING DON'T BUY a Hobbyking Pulse Jet, Look's good but it's Absolute Junk.mp4 Water Powered Air Compressor and Water Pump The Trompe Hammer, Trompe and Water Ram.mp4 Water-less Gold Dredge Dry land dredge.mp4 Wimshurst 3 inch sparks and still frames of the discharges.mp4 Wimshurst generator how to part 2.mp4 Wimshurst generator how to part 3.mp4 Wimshurst generator how to part 4.mp4 Wimshurst generator how to, a Goliath with 4 foot spinning induction disc's part 1.mp4 Wimshurst generator in action Monster of a Wimshurst.mp4 Wimshurst Generator, Building one of the Worlds largest.mp4 Wimshurst machine how to part 1.mp4 Wimshurst machine one of the world's largest how to part 4, The 4 foot disc construction.mp4 Wimshurst machine, One of the World's largest, first test run.mp4 Wind and Solar Powered ROBOT building the analog navigation system and climbing over logs.mp4 Wind mill water pump home made P#1.mp4 Wind Powered, ROBOT.mp4 Wood gas camp stove how to.mp4 Wood Gas Powered Chainsaw, Part 2.mp4 Wood Gas Truck how to full show.mp4 Wood Gas Truck part 1.mp4 Wood Gas Truck part 3.mp4 Wood Gas Truck, Part 2.mp4 WOOD GAS.mp4 Wood Stove of Tomorrow, makes fuel and runs a generator from smoke.mp4 wood stove powered Refrigerator freezer pt1.mp4 Wood Stove runs a Generator #2 load test.mp4 wood stove runs a generator, produces gasoline, runs a fridge and heats hot water at the same time.mp4 World's First TESLA TURBINE powered RC Car, run's on compressed air.mp4 World's oldest Electric Generator design.mp4 Worlds first, wood powered gun full show.mp4 tags: technology, energy, machines, survival, bushcraft, emergency, self-defense, militias
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Thanks ryba. Love this guy.

I had seen some time ago, and had to add to my library the vids on the refinery.... I did not know he had added so many more videos.
..... This is very very very good information to have ... much obliged for the pack ... excellent work !
Incidentally the jet engine he built is similar to the first viable engine Germany produced for the ME-262 ... they even used auto tin for the turbine blades.
Thanks for the post !

This is awesome!