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Initiation with Matias de Stefano (season 4)

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Initiation with Matias de Stefano (season 4)

Guys it is really interesting and eye-opening, so can someone afford it and uploaded it please?

Here is the link on Gaia website

If you upload this know that I will be very very much appreciated!

Sorry, I don't have access to

Sorry, I don't have access to Gaia anymore...

OH... So pity to hear that...

OH... So pity to hear that.... Let us hope that someone else from the mods will upload it! But thanks for reply anyway.

I could give it a try, when

I could give it a try, when someone could name me a programm or an app on how to rip/download/copy from Gaia. I know somebody who has access.
I used to to that with Firefrox and Videodownload helper. But since they have update their security that doesnt work anymore.

I Will be very very much appreciated for it!

Ohh thank you very much for the suggestion! I found out from my friend that you need to use this program "youtube - dlg" in order to rip videos from GAIA TV.

Thank you in advance.

Thanks I"ll give it a try

Thanks I"ll give it a try next week.

Thank you!

Thank you very very much my dear friend!

I've tried it, but sofar no

I've tried it, but sofar no results.
I can't get it to work.

I'll try again when I have more time.


It takes some getting used to, but for the most part you cut and paste the video URL into the top section of the program, after entering your email log-in and password into the settings section on the top right, under 'Advanced' settings, close that and then hit "Add" and hit the start button at the bottom right corner, and it should download to your Downloads folder, or wherever else you choose it to go.

Allavsoft works with Gaia 100

Allavsoft works with Gaia 100%

How to download from GAIA

Download the Chrome extension called Live Cat. Then sign up for a 7 day free trial with Gaia. Easy solution that has worked for me to download a different series of videos.

The softwares mentioned above

Yeah I also asked my friend who happened to be one of the uploaders on concen and he was using Live Cat too!

First of all i don't think it

First of all i don't think it's a good idea to discuss methods on open forum no matter how amateurish they seem.
The other thing is the good news. I don't know where gaia is located but they had payment processor that excepted my money, so i bought it:

I dedicate this upload to TheCorsair00 for uploading David Icke's audiobook that I'm enjoying right now, which I wouldn't be able to do without him.


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