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Coast to Coast - 2021-08-30 - Daniel Sheehan - Recovered UFOs

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Monday - August 30 2021
George Noory
Daniel Sheehan

In the first half, civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan shared his contention that the US military has recovered more than one crashed UFO, which they've been deconstructing and back-engineering. He recounted how he came to legally represent Luis Elizondo in his complaints against the US Defense Department over its handling of the UFO issue over the years. Elizondo was a US Army counterintelligence officer who directed the now-defunct Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program that studied UAP. Sheehan admires Elizondo for trying to disclose UFO information to the American public, reminiscent of the controversies that activist Daniel Ellsberg faced when trying to reveal the Pentagon Papers (about the Vietnam War) in 1971.

The Pentagon wants to keep recovered UFO technology secret, and monopolize it for weaponry and their own purposes, Sheehan asserted, rather than use it for new or free forms of energy that would upend the oil industry and the vested interests behind it. UFO technology, he added, would also help combat the crisis of global climate change. Advanced ET civilizations have realized they cannot directly interfere with species' choices, as this would thwart their evolution, Sheehan noted. And when UFOs' demonstrated they could shut down our nuke facilities, he continued, this was to send a message that they have the capacity but want humanity to choose to eliminate this destructive technology themselves.


In uploading this torrent recently, I tried to find the last time I uploaded a Coast to Coast AM show so I could grab the image I used for it. The last one was: Coast to Coast AM - Disclosure Updates, Coast Guard UFO Sightings (2021-05-19), but it appears to have been deleted somehow. Is this because it was unseeded for too long, or perhaps another reason?

I can take C2C requests going back to 2004.

Hi. Actually, the posting of the 2021-05-19 show, which was posted to Concen the following day, remains intact: .

But actually, I like the image used for the present posting as well as, if not more than, the one used then.


It has reappeared, thanks. I couldn't find it last night...

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