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Coast to Coast AM - Disclosure Updates, Coast Guard UFO Sightings (2021-05-19)

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Disclosure Updates / Coast Guard UFO Sightings

Wednesday - May 19 2021
George Noory
Stephen Bassett, Joseph Foster

In the first half, disclosure lobbyist and truth seeker Stephen Bassett shared updates in the disclosure field, including what to expect in the upcoming report on UAP to the Senate Intel Committee. The report that's due in June (initiated by Senator Marco Rubio) is more of an evaluation than an investigation, and it's going to be part of a much larger process, he suggested. We are finally "in the last weeks and months of a truth embargo," he believes, and further, it's likely that congressional or public hearings on UFOs/UAP will be convened with a particular focus on national security issues. Ultimately, because of the hearings (potentially seen by millions of people), the "President will be in a position to confirm the ET presence in a comfortable way," he projects.

This current phase of disclosure was kicked off in 2017 with the To the Stars Academy (TTSA) formation, which included ex-Pentagon and DOD officials like Luis Elizondo and Christopher Mellon, and then followed by the New York Times articles, he cited. Elizondo, Mellon, and Steve Justice recently left TTSA because it may be easier for them to deal with congressional staffers without being part of a specific organization, Bassett speculated. For the hearings, in addition to military witnesses, he thinks those who work in the secretive defense contract industry could also be included, and this may be facilitated by Justice, who was formerly a director at Lockheed's Skunk Works. "The testimony from the military witnesses will virtually confirm...beyond a reasonable doubt, that some of this phenomena is off-world," he added.


Retired senior technology executive Joseph Foster has compiled a lifetime of paranormal sightings and experiences, including many stories from his time in the military. In the latter half, he discussed his UFO and USO (unidentified submerged object) sightings, as well as areas like the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil's Sea that are prone to strange anomalies. As a member of the US Coast Guard, he was stationed between Hawaii and Japan during July-August 1969. On a deck watch on the ship bridge, he was alerted that targets were closing in on the ship, flying in formation at a staggering 3,500 mph (picked up on radar). They saw three bright white objects that flew above the vessel and then disappeared over the horizon.

Foster described a USO-type sighting south of Da Nang, Viet Nam when his ship was anchored, and some of the team were on a swim call. Again on a bridge watch, they noticed an enormous black teardrop-shaped object briefly coming up from underneath the ship, estimated to be around 100 ft. long and 35 ft. wide (too big to be a whale, most likely). Observing UFOs with the naked eye in daylight, he noticed there wasn't the distortion around them that is often picked up in photos. An energy field could surround such craft, Foster postulated-- using a drive or propulsion that distorts the time and space around it, similar to what may be going on with the 'Tic Tac' UFO and its potential use of metamaterials.

News segment guests:Howard Bloom,Mish Shedlock


So interesting, many thanks

At least in North America, there has been a ton of press about UFOs. 60 Minutes did a piece about the subject last weekend, which is apparently kind of a big deal. So it seems something is brewing, but I won't necessarily hold my breath for some huge government-approved UFO disclosure coming this summer. But I guess we will have to wait and see...

Oh, thanks, I didn't know that
Think it is this one:[eztv-re]-t...

Interesting, Marco Rubio compelled a report to be drawn up for the US Senate by next month.
I actually thought we would have seen more of Rubio in the 2016 election. Maybe this is part of his long game ?

Yeah, there is a lot of hype surrounding this report coming out next month. Some people like Stephen Bassett think it will lead to Congressional Hearings on the subject of UFOs. People like Steven Greer think it is leading up to a "false flag" military scenario - a plan that has been 7 decades in the making. Some people like Jacques Vallee is more skeptical and seems to think it will not lead up to much change.

I thought about uploading the 60 Minutes program here. I watched it - it was pretty good, a serious take on UFO sightings by military personnel. The same stories that broke with the NY Times etc back in 2017 as a result of Luis Elizondo and the To The Stars Academy's efforts. And now apparently Elizondo has been threatened with his security clearances being revoked by the Pentagon because he has left TTSA, so he has hired The Disclosure Project's attorney Daniel Sheehan for legal help. And The Disclosure Project has always believed that Elizondo was government disinformation on the subject of UFOs to perpetuate the military plan of a false flag "alien threat". So Sheehan is going to try to get Eilzondo to come clean about that etc. It's a real UFO drama going on right now!

Sure, "deadcatting" -- that's partly what I meant by Rubio's longgame (and/or the interests for which he represents).

Even so, what *isn't* a decoy or distraction these days? One man's truth is another man's distraction. That's how it goes (♫ everybody knows :)

There are most certainly games and competing factions when it comes to this subject. It's confusing even to those who follow it closely! I can hardly imagine what everybody else thinks...

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TheCorsair00 wrote:

The Pirate Bay tracker and ConCen tracker are not tracking or displaying seeders and downloaders properly any longer here on ConCen.

ConCen has been tracking peers the same way for many years.

TheCorsair00 wrote:

It says only 10 people have downloaded this, but my seedbox has uploaded to around 40 different peers.

The stats are updated frequently (much more than other trackers) by scraping each of the announces listed. If the ConCen tracker application (Opentracker) resets its download count to zero (which it does every time the server restarts), I preserve its previous count. This makes the download count reported for the ConCen tracker as accurate as I can get it. If my software says the ConCen download count is x, that means that since the torrent was uploaded (which could be years), x clients reported to the ConCen tracker that they finished the torrent.

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Oh wow, thanks for the reply. I am almost certain it is the scraping related to TPB that is not entirely accurate with the amounts of peers etc. When I use just ConCen I know it works fine. I should look into multi-tracking torrents better. I know some people add a whole bunch of other trackers...

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euxconcen wrote:

That's how it goes (♫ everybody knows :)

kudos for the Leonard Cohen reference!

I just recently re-watched Christian Slater in "Pump Up the Volume". It's worth watching it, just for how they sample that Cohen song, but I also really liked the fact that the Internet totally destroyed the vibe of that film. It just cannot happen anymore. I also paused it and looked closely at all the music he was playing and listening to. Interesting 1990 piece.