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Hi all, glad its all working again.. but..

where's the old stuff? there was a lot of it

Easy Skanking
It is being worked on so it

It is being worked on so it will be available one way or another. Optimally, it would be integrated but at the very least we will have it here as archives. It has not vanished.

I see now comments on the

I see now comments on the frontpage, apologies for spamming the board.
On another sidenote if i can help in the process of repairing the site or with some of my bandwidth do contact me, i make a living out of webpages and hosting(not much knowledge about bitcoins and trackers, but nonetheless).
Someone should give this zeekill kid some good ol beating, i always wanted to get one of those so called hackers in my hands

Speaking of which....

Speaking of which....

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