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Hart Family Murder-Suicide Collection (2020-2021)

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If you haven't watched Donald Glover's "Atlanta", I highly recommend it.

Episode 1 of Season 3 is based on the story of the Hart Family. It's about black children placed in foster care with a white lesbian couple, who feed them vegan to the point of malnourishment and ultimately murder them.

Totally recommend watching all of Atlanta, it's insightful and a much-needed antidote to woke culture.

I was astounded to find out the episode was based on a true story, and found these two harrowing documentaries. The 2020 documentary is almost trying to play down the lesbian couple's mental illness, which just makes it more harrowing.

I'd recommend watching the episode before these docs. You do not need to watch the rest of Atlanta to enjoy(!) the episode as a short film.