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The Tucker Carlson Show (2024.06.21) Neil Oliver: How Banks Took Over Empires

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Neil Oliver: How Banks Took Over Empires, and the Truth About WWII, Brexit, & COVID


Episode Details

Neil Oliver is a Scottish broadcaster, host of the podcast Neil Oliver's Love Letter to the World and The Neil Oliver Show on GB News in the UK.


00:01:08 A Proud Conspiracy Theorist
00:18:55 What does Democracy Really Mean?
00:23:04 The West is in Trouble
00:43:12 Is the UK a One-Party State?
00:45:50 Russell Brand
00:50:36 Scottish Independence Debate
01:15:46 Freedom of Speech Under Attack
01:29:50 JFK's Death
01:35:00 The Banks
01:46:51 COVID Pandemic & The Vaccines


Wait, does that mean his Tucker Carlson Encounter show on X is over now, and he has started a new series on his own platform? I wonder if it is still filmed in his nice house in the country etc...

He has a bunch of different shows it seems.

So does Russell Brand - and Joe Rogan is back on YouTube now too. I guess it helps to spread out across all platforms...