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David Icke The Dot Connector s07e03 (2024.06.21) People Don't Bully From A Position Of Strength

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David is taking a much-needed break this week after The Reveal, his new groundbreaking book, was finished recently. Jaymie is going solo, diving into topics that affect us all, including our fertility rates, which have been declining over the last 30 years. Why is this relevant, and how could this impact the future of humanity? The IDF is now reported to have known about the Hamas attacks prior to October 7th. Just how different could it have been if this story had broken on October 8th? Would the thousands of deaths and devastation still have occurred? Just Stop Oil is up to their old antics. In their mission to raise awareness about the environment, they decided to try and destroy an environmental heritage site. Make it make sense! Jaymie attempts to do just that this week on The-Dot-Connector. Be sure to tune in