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Einstein 1920 - Does the Aether exist

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What is the problem with the relativity theory? Einstein himslef speaking about this in 1920.
This is not a fake video. Found for 9 years on a site from 2011.


what site please
The video (or link) has been "cleared", so better you save this video on your HHD.

It's pretty simple - even for an aging thicko like myself...

You cannot have relativity OR the quantum realm without some nebulous medium like Aether being an intrinsic element of "reality" or the space-time matrix.

And with that - I'm guessing I've just solved the endless debate between Einstein and Max Planck...

I have a personal video on the "intelligent Aether" area and intelligent craft that pop in to say hello occasionally which illustrate this - but I can't get an media posts to show here without a blackadder or mr Baked Bean screen.


All Albert work is utterly BS... Even the photoelectric effect.
Gravity is irrelevant in comparison with the electric field strength.
E = m * c ²
Define energy. Not examples... A definition.
That 'm' is matter or mass ? What is mass ?
And 'c' is not a constant.

Want to unlearn all the BS Academy use to program you ?