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The Jennings vs Alzheimer's (2024)

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When a mutant gene causing Alzheimer’s is discovered in the Jennings family, it leads scientists on a journey to develop a cure and leaves family members with a terrible dilemma.

The Jennings are the first family in the world to be diagnosed with hereditary, early onset Alzheimer’s, a discovery which many think will be the key to finally unlocking a cure.

But that discovery also revealed a devastating truth for the family: the hereditary gene is being passed through each generation.


there's no "alzheimers gene".

The brain is made of cholesterol.

Now, cholesterol has been demonised because low vitamin C leads to poor artery walls, and the body tries to patch them up with cholesterol. If you have too much cholesterol in your arteries just take whole food vitamin c for a few years. (i.e. berry powders)

Any attempt to lower your cholesterol using statins - or, as is likely in the case of the Jennings family, margarine, will result in your brain shrinking and you getting alzheimers.

There's no more to it than that, unless you are trying to sell medication.

in blood vessels is when too many foreign particles (see PM2.5) are getting in through our lungs. Our immune systems use cholesterol to trap and clear the particles, but when there are too many, clearing doesn't happen.

Ask the average doctor if pollution can enter our bloodstream. They'll say no because industry depends on their ignorance.