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Star Makers: The Energy of Tomorrow (2022)

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This behind-the-scenes documentary follows the lives of the scientists and engineers working at the Joint European Torus (JET). Join them as they overcome challenges in their attempt to achieve a world record in sustained fusion energy.

Directors: Jane Bramwell-Barrie, James Gurden
Producers: J. Lazarus Auerbach, Tim Bestwick, Jonny Bramwell, Celestine Cheong, James Gurden, Erin Pendleton
Runtime: 53mn
Country: UK
Language: English



Starts are not hydrogen bombs exploding continuously. This is the premise of this Tokamak BS: fusion.
The energy of all stars come from the galaxy via Brirkland electric currents.
To start your re-education here:

Whatever it is, they have been working on it for upwards of 3 or 4 decades and have come up with diddly squat - so they are obviously doing something wrong. We need a new scientific paradigm. That's usually the angle of research I do and share here as well...