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American Thought Leaders (2024.04.20) Thomas Haviland: Unusual Blood Clots

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Former Air Force Engineer Thomas Haviland Investigates Rise in Unusual Blood Clotting

The lack of response I’ve gotten by the FDA and the CDC leads me to believe that those agencies are captured. They should be doing this job. They should be out there surveying all the funeral homes and the embalmers around the world and trying to find out if this is a COVID problem. Is this a COVID vaccine problem? What’s causing these things? You can’t deny they exist, because here they are.
— Thomas Haviland

In this episode, I sit down with Thomas Haviland, a retired Air Force engineer and data analyst. After being fired from the military for refusing to take the COVID-19 genetic vaccine, he noticed that embalmers and funeral homes were speaking out about large, abnormal blood clots.

We should stop injections immediately, until Big Pharma can prove that these things really are safe, because the information I’ve gathered in this survey, I think, puts that greatly into question.
— Thomas Haviland

He conducted two worldwide surveys of hundreds of embalmers.

We got 179 responses to that first survey. Of those, 119 of the embalmers responding were seeing these strange white fibrous clots. Almost exactly 66 percent, two-thirds of the embalmers responding to that first survey said they were seeing these white fibrous clots ... They were seeing them in up to an average of 30 percent of their corpses, with some of the embalmers seeing them in up to 50 percent.
— Thomas Haviland