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What do you think of this theory? Worth Watching!

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What do you think of this theory? Worth Watching!


I think this makes a ton of sense. Below is a good intro/summary of the theory, absent the new age woo nonsense presentation.

For anyone wanting to know the punch line, or getting lost in the long video, IMO the basic argument might be summed up like this:
The human condition is essentially a kind of cognitive dissonance - our basic instincts versus our conscious mind.

So the animal brain (which was there first) is on some unconscious level rejecting or not recognising the superiority / legitimacy of the conscious mind (it doesn't do this consciously as it is a purely unconscious force but there is a natural discordance - like oil and water) . At the same time the conscious mind rejects some elements of the animal brain's impulses (or at least the so-far explanation of our human misbehaviour is to blame the animal brain/instincts) .
The idea is that the angst and widespread misbehaviour of our species doesn't actually come from the animal impulse, but from a fight between the two parts of us.
So the hurrah moment is simple: if it is now revealed that we are not biologically 'badly behaved' (as taught throughout history as a desperate explanation) but just psychologically conflicted, then we can be freed from this self loathing that is actually the REAL cause of our human misbehaviour, and the anxiety that arises from that discord, the human condition.

Then we have unity, harmony, inner peace, wholeness, and all those good feels that make the best of us.


Interesting, I will have to watch this. I read the summary and it seems to make sense, but makes me wonder about the resolution concerning this cognitive dissonance - and whether or not that involves meditation! I hear that from so many sides, that it seems as intrinsic as doing physical exercise for well-being. Meditation for mental health...


thanks for the summary.
I did keep seeing their posts but the video didn't hook me.

Basically, there is no single insight like this that is really worth more than any of the others.

It's like people who push one supplement as if it's a panacea. It will seem like that to people who are deficient in it, but at the end of the day you need a whole spectrum of nutrients to be healthy, just like you need a wide and deep understanding of the world to thrive in it.

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