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Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities (2023)

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The transgender movement has recently gained national attention; from the recent controversy of big corporations like Budweiser and Target over their support for the transgender movement, to transgender competitors outperforming female athletes and male prisoners identifying as trans to transfer into female prisons. A new trend has emerged among children who are being taught at young ages that they can choose their own gender. What is behind the rise of transgender movement today? And what are the implications on our children and youth?

Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities is an Epoch Original docudrama examining the complex issues surrounding transgenderism and youth. The film explores the roles played by the education system, medical and pharmaceutical industries, the financial interests behind the transgender movement, and the societal and political mechanisms at work.

The docudrama tells the real-life stories of several former transgender youth who started the gender transitioning process and their experiences at various stages of the journey through live interviews and re-enactments.

Experts interviewed in the film reveal the life-altering medical and psychological impacts of the experimental medication used, including the irreversible side effects of puberty blockers, hormone therapies, and surgeries that are not reported by the media.

Award-winning director Tobias Elvhage, whose most recent awards include Best Short Film at the 2023 LA Documentary Film Festival and Winner of the 2023 European Cinematography Awards, brings to light the untold realities and the implications of the transgender movement on our children and youth in this docudrama.

The courageous youth in Gender Transformation break through the silence and bring hope to other struggling children. Every one of their stories is powerful, important, and needs to be told.

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