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The Body in the Bag (2022)

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Examining one of the most baffling unexplained deaths of recent years. In August 2010, Gareth Williams, a GCHQ employee on a 3-year secondment to MI6, was found dead inside a padlocked bag in the bath of his London flat.


I think I've seen this before but on watching it again, couldn't help being struck by the defiant inversion of logic which was exhibited by certain contributors and the contradiction of the forensic maxim, 'every contact leaves a trace'. The explanation of the absence of fingerprints is as if these top forensic experts think that their audience have never seen a crime drama - likewise every other deflection they made.

I don't think it is possible to reach such conclusions without conflicted interests or coercion. I wouldn't know who to point the finger of blame at but suicide is the least likely explanation and whilst I wouldn't necessarily accuse MI6, their behaviour is highly suspicious.

The greeps get off by rubbing their murders in our faces. This is what happens when we step out of line. They blatantly and unambiguously murder you with impunity and label it a suicide. No crime, no problem.

Keep your head down with your nose to the grindstone if you want to live, peon.