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REQ: Social Media Detox & Digital Decluttering Workbook

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REQ: Social Media Detox & Digital Decluttering Workbook

The Social Media Detox: Strategies To Master Digital Wellness & Take Back Control From Big Tech

Here is another book like it: The Digital Decluttering Workbook: How to Succeed with Digital Minimalism, Defeat Smartphone Addiction, Detox Social Media, and Organize Your Online Life

Most interested in: The Digital Privacy Overhaul: A Blueprint To Control Your Digital Footprint & Master Online Security a resource workbook designed to guide you through over a dozen proven methods for understanding and controlling the digital portrait that Big Tech has of you!
Direct Resources: Over one hundred links to digital privacy options built into Big Tech’s most popular platforms
Curated Options: Preferred alternatives to the most commonly used apps, from companies that prioritize user control and privacy
Tested Results: Easy tools, tips, and best practices to implement advanced security and limit data collection