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Clara's Big Ride (2015)

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Part catalyst for change, part epic road movie, Clara's Big Ride is a rousing documentary that tackles the profound conversation on mental health and the stigma surrounding mental illness. Crossing every region of the country, the documentary features brave stories from Canadians whose lives are touched by Hughes' historic ride.

Over the course of the documentary, Clara's Big Ride captures the voices of a group of heroic young Canadians as they tell their stories of living with mental illness. These voices include: Stacey, a teacher from Lindsay, Ont.; Marisa, a Media Relations Coordinator from Montréal; Antigonish, N.S. student Dexter; University of Prince Edward Island student Alanna; Dorothy, who runs a community program called "Going Off , Growing Strong" in Nain, a remote town in Northern Labrador; Sally, a practicing artist from Dawson City; Royal Roads University student Megan in Victoria; Canadian Armed Forces Veteran Terry; and Pascale, an outspoken teen and mental health advocate.

With Canada's diverse landscapes serving as the film's backdrop – from mountains to prairies, major to small cites, and remote communities - Hughes delivers a powerful message of healing to tens of thousands of Canadians in public squares, town halls, and schools from coast to coast. Clara's Big Ride not only captures the monumental effort of the ride, but also continues the conversation on how to build hope for a stigma-free future.


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