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Scotland's Hidden Sacred Past (2021)

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Best-selling author Freddy Silva presents startling new evidence on the origin of ancient sacred sites in Orkney and western Scotland, and connects them to a race of gods from Sardinia and Mesopotamia who later became known as the Tuatha de Danaan.


will watch this with interest. if you look at documents like the Declaration of arbroath you'll see reference to "Our Brothers in Scythia". there's a claim in legend that a Scythian prince married an Egyptian princess and went on a journey with a fair few boats of people passing Iberia then onto the West country of England(south west tip) then into Ireland and Scotland. the prince was Gaythelos and the princess Scota. Gaythelos gave his name to the language and Scota to the Scots.
The stones in Orkney, Shetland and Skye all predate the pyramids if i remember correctly. I'll watch this later, have to nip out then get back and finish packing before i fuck off to the Netherlands tomorrow. Amsterdam for a couple of days then down to near the Belgian border to a friends then a wee homage to
Arnhem and back on Friday

Forget where, but maybe Michael Tsarion mentioned it in his Celtic Series (Irish Origins of Civilization)?

Though Concen used to host Irish Origins series by Tsarion, at least they did a C2C show on it:

The Irish Origins of Civilization Quotes:
“Christianity and Judaism originate from the same source, and that source is Egypt. Egyptian culture and religion had its source also, and that source was Ireland. Ireland’s Druidic tradition likewise had its source in the prediluvian civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. These facts come as something of a shock to readers who have received their education from conventional sources and who tend to accept on faith all that pours forth from the mouths and pens of so-called “historians” who believe themselves informed about the world of the past. Thankfully the insinuation that Christianity has little to do with the land and traditions of Egypt is refuted by many researchers.,.."

Gaythelos and Scota are the subject of the origin story of the Scots people and the gaelic language.
gaytherlos goes from Scythia to Egypt.. marries Egyptian princess. travels along north African coast and gets to the southern tips of spain and Portugal(Iberia) then goes across the celtic sea to south west england(devon and cornwall area) then into wales,Ireland(Hiberians) and then into Scotland .
Scots were named after her and Gaythelos a name to the language.
The declaration of Arbroath makes a passing mention of "our Brothers in Scythia" as a nod to that tale.
Tsarion's "Irish accent" is fucking bizarre to say the least. having been there rather a lot in my time and having family in northern Ireland... that's like no Irish i have ever heard tbh. It sounds like a really shite impression of an vaguely irish accent by someone that's only ever heard "Irish " on disney cartoons.