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Candace Owens' last 8 Daily Wire eps (including 2 censored)

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Ep. 298 - I'm DONE Being Threatened. The Michael Jackson & Diddy Connection EXPOSED.

The disturbing connection between the recent Diddy lawsuit and Michael Jackson's death will shock you. Plus, Is Sexyy Red an example of black excellence? Kamala Harris and Joe Biden apparently think she is. And, the sad reason actress Erin Moriarty quit social media after conservatives made fun of her "makeover".

Ep. 299 - INSANE. This Is The BIGGEST Political Scandal In Human History.

This episode was removed by Dailywire+ the day after Candace was fired.

  • Emmanual Macron's pedophile wife: blackmail operation?
  • UFC 299 spoilers
  • Oscars nudity
  • Chris Cuomo
  • reader mail

Ep. 300 - Andrew Tate Detained AGAIN! What Is Happening?

The Tate brothers have been detained yet again, a criminal justice reform advocate who went viral on Joe Rogan has been arrested for allegedly killing and dismembering someone, and Lady Gaga still doesn’t know what a woman is.

Ep. 301 - MEDIA MELTDOWN! France’s First Lady EXPOSED.

This episode was removed by Dailywire+ the day after Candace was fired.
The media is in a full meltdown over the research into Brigitte Macron’s background (#JeanMichelTrogneux), Rabbi Shmuley continues to attack me, and I break down the controversy behind the Kate Middleton photo.

Ep. 302 - TikTok Ban! The CIA Wants Their Narrative Back.

The US wants to ban TikTok, Dylan Mulvaney drops a music video, and Shaun King converts to Islam.

Ep. 303 - Wow! What I Learned on the ‘Fresh and Fit’ Podcast

I recap the best moments from my appearance on the Fresh & Fit Podcast, Olivia Rodrigo passes out morning after pills at her concerts, Arianna Grande continues to be a proud homewrecker, and I talk about my upcoming interview with Joe Budden. The Joe Budden interview trailer can be found here:

Ep. 304 - This Is Crazy! Rabbi Barclay Attacks Me for Things I Never Said.

Rabbi Barclay joins the show to discuss his accusations and claims about me.

Ep. 305 - Why Does Everyone Think I Am Going To Be Killed?

I break down all the new and old media attacks I’ve received for things I never said and ask the question, “What is the point of all this?”

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Screen Shot from DailyWire+ showing missing episodes:


are there any more of her vaccine series?
or anything else interesting?
it might get blackholed.

it might get blackholed.

more chocolatey in her case I reckon.........
..... yeah.... I'll get my coat

if they were censored
how do you have them
and what are they about

Obviously some guy downloaded them before they were removed. See descriptions.

how foresighted of you.

I have narrow windows.. I see them now.

zoopenhoff wrote:

if they were censored how do you have them

I know a guy who knows a guy who downloaded them the same day she was fired. He noticed that 2 episodes were missing when he went back to the site to get their descriptions.

zoopenhoff wrote:

what are they about

See descriptions.

My guess is the episodes were removed over fears that Macron may sue Daily Wire. Apparently the little globalist creep has been suing magazines in France.

IMO the "Brigitte was a man" theory is propagated by spin doctors as a distraction from the fact that Brigitte seduced Macron when he was a 15 year old schoolboy, and she was his 40 year old teacher. She should have been jailed for that.