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Mysteries of the Knights Templar (2024)

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1. Atlantean Secrets Revealed

How are the enduring mysteries of the Knights Templar connected to Atlantis?

2. Protecting the Mission in the Americas

How did the Templar mission align with keystones and escape routes to pre-Columbus America?

3. Alchemical Rites & Pineal Activation

How are the enduring mysteries of the Knights Templar connected to Atlantis?

4. Gnostic Influence

Does proof exist of Templar roots in the practice of gnostic religion and philosophy?

5. Holy Grail Legends

Are the Knights Templar guardians of the Holy Grail, and what is the actual Grail?

6. Templar Suppression & Survival

Following “Friday the 13th,” did the Knights set the stage for migration to the West?

7. The Masonic Connection

Who were the Presiding Brethren that counted Benjamin Franklin as one of their own?

8. DaVinci's Secret Vatican Miracle

Did Leonardo DaVinci create a miracle for the Vatican in exchange Templar protection?

9. Treasures of the New World

What was the secret Templar mission of Meriwether Lewis across the American wilderness and what did Napoleon Bonaparte find while scouring Vatican archives?

10. Templars, ETs & the Atlantis Connection

What do the Templars know of Atlantis and Extraterrestrials?


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MysteriesOfTheKnightsTemplar.06of10.TemplarSuppressionAndSurvival.x265.mkv 16m57s 1280x720 HEVC AAC
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MysteriesOfTheKnightsTemplar.09of10.TreasuresOfTheNewWorld.x265.mkv 23m5s 1280x720 HEVC AAC
MysteriesOfTheKnightsTemplar.10of10.TemplarsETsAndTheAtlantisConnection.x265.mkv 21m15s 1280x720 HEVC AAC


wow thats a ton of BS just from the description...
who produced this? fairy tale weaver David Wilcock?

Thank you!!!