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Trinity And Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie, 70th Anniversary Special Edition (2015)

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Narrated by William Shatner, this unsettling documentary recounts the design, development, production and testing of nuclear weapons between 1945 and 1963.

70th Anniversary Edition Highlights:

  • A new scan from the original negative for the Operation Ivy sequence reveals visible lightning around the famous Mike fireball shot at the at the sequence's culmination
  • Higher resolution color shot replacement was used in the Sandstone sequence
  • We are treated to some recently declassified shots in the Greenhouse Easy sequence that show the relationship of the bomb to the test structures, including a beautiful color zoom back from the buildings as the bomb unfurls
  • A new shot of a fireball over the Pacific islands in the opening title lends monumental scale, and its almost alien eyeball appearance sets a science fiction-like tone as it segues into a passage by HG Wells
  • For those who thought they didn't see enough structures explode in the previous version, the Teapot sequence is longer with more shots of exploding structures including some new high-speed and time-lapse technical films from the original negatives
  • In the Dominic sequence, one of the shots Peter Kuran considered being of the poorest quality and in need of replacement was the Polaris missile shot, made from a soft and grainy 16mm dupe. This time, he was able to obtain a similar shot from an original 35mm color negative
  • In the Trinity detonation sequence, a scan of the full frame explosion is replaced with a scan from the 35mm original negative
  • The Hiroshima sequence is longer, with more shots of the devastation. "It always seemed a little rushed," Kuran noted. Although there are many new shots, the choice to add more black and white shots was made since those are shot in 35mm and yield better resolution of detail in HD
  • The Plumbbob sequence has new shots of helicopter maneuvers and faster pacing
  • The Crossroads sequence of Able and Baker has had the most significant changes, replacing the original Operation Crossroads music with another William Stromberg musical piece. The sequence is longer with additional color shots of the Crossroads explosions photographed on 35mm Kodachrome. Also, each aftermath is treated separately instead of combined as one montage