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Greg Hallett Ebooks

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Greg Hallett Ebooks

Book 01 Queen Anne Boleyn's Great Escape and Legacy
Book 02 Queen Anne Boleyn's grandson Sir Walter Raleigh ~ Shakespeare ~ Marquess of Pembroke ~ Prince King of England
Book 03 Queen Anne Boleyn's 2 Grandsons ~ Sir Walter Raleigh versus Francis Bacon
Book 04 Queen Elizabeth gives Walter Raleigh America Forever ~ The Lost Colony was a Super Capable Military Force
Book 05 Alligator versus Crocodile ~ How they Colonized North America
Book 06 King James the Shit by the Dozen ~ The Golden Clown
Book 07 Magna Carta Frauds King John didn't know about
Books 08-09 Magna Carta Frauds of the 1600s & 1700s
Book 10 Magna Carta Frauds ~ King John's Concession to the Pope, Charter of Liberties and Magna Carta Explained and Disclaimed
Book 11 Bayeux Tapestry ~ The Big Lie ~ Not 1066, but 1719–27
Book 12 Bayeux Tapestry ~ Patterns of The Big Lie
Book 13 How to become the Pope and own the World

The Sex Collectors – Heroin ticket
The Sex Collectors – Murders
The Sex Collectors – Stitch-ups