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Gareth Icke Tonight (2024.02.15) Tough Times Make Tough People

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Gareth speaks to Dutch lawyer Marie-Louise Genet regarding a woke supermarket selling sex toys within the children's department.

Next up, Gareth chats to the Offguardian editor Kit Knightly about the Tucker Carlson and Putin interview and whether we are heading for World War 3 or not.

Also on the show, New York Times best-selling author James Arthur Ray and his intuitive healer wife Bersabeh Ray talk about creating the life we want and how to manifest it.

Political commentator and columnist Adrian Norman is also on the show shedding light on the crisis on the southern border.

Tune in for an engaging episode of Gareth Icke Tonight as we cover a range of topics to help awaken people to what’s happening within the world with our guests which makes us realise tough times make tough people.