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beyond E=MC2 AI, anti-gravity, creating (redesigning) designer beings. John Scott Perez, PhD

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beyond E=MC2 AI, anti-gravity, creating (redesigning) designer beings. John Scott Perez, PhD

Must watch.
Going beyond E=mc2 that's bringing new technologies changing everything.
Intelligent design, AI, energy ...God force and black projects... anti-gravity..
CREATING DESIGNER BEINGS... REDESIGNING OUR SELVES... #FREEDOM OF CHOICE and much more. John Scott Perez, PhD = 👉 This important, essential watch (ie. the white-board presentation) starts an hour in after John establishes his background:
John Scott Perez, PhD
CEO, Founder

Another interview
John Scott Perez went through a Doctoral Dissertation in Chemistry at the University of Nebraska Lincoln involving the Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics and Biology tied to Telomeres, chromosomes, cancer, and aging. He pioneered the synthetic replication of chromosomes with 3 very rare PCR reactions he created while working with the Nobel Laureates Dr. Thomas Cech, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, Dr. Carol Greider, Dr. Ignacio Tinocco, Dr. Peter Klobutcher, and other labs. He was the 1st person to crystallize a Telomere Binding Protein after expressing it in E. Coli. One PCR reaction he invented is used in tumor type diagnosis worldwide by Oncologists to identify Telomere length in tumor biopsies. He is an expert in biological radioactive & fluorescent assay methods involving DNA, RNA, and proteins.
He has worked for several commercial industrial chemical manufacturing and analytical chemistry companies. He codes in 35+ languages. A portion of his career has involved working with a team that created the encryption used by the US Government & Military in the late 90s that is now owned by General Dynamics. He spent 17 years building high end communication surveillance for 24 global data networks encompassing 75% of the world’s Internet traffic including private data traffic for companies as large as the Fortune 50. He invented and built patented and proprietary technology for Intermedia Communications that was integral to the $6 B merger with MCI WorldCom that was used to analyze the State of NY data communications for the impact to 9/11 attack on the WTC buildings. He played an integral role in Verizon acquiring MCI as the result of major customer contracts up to the $100M/yr range. He invented the BlockChain tracking of all forms of multimedia and legacy voice and VOIP data communications which was patented by Verizon. While at Verizon he created several patents tied to identity and cyber security technology to counter threats to customers. He worked with the Federal government, NSA, and NATO on well-known cyber events that were in headlines while at Verizon.
Early on Scott worked for Davis Water (now US Filter) as an Analytical Chemist supporting the government drinking water municipalities and manufacturing industries. Scott was instrumental in developing the computer based chemical laboratory analytics and manufacturing systems for Amalie Motor Oil (formerly Petroleum Packers). He recently invented the chemical reaction for the patented Buoyancy Power System Engine (BPSE) methodology that leverages gravity and buoyancy in the production of bulk Hydrogen and power. The patented BPSE methodology for industrial energy production using bulk Hydrogen has significant relevance to atmospheric decarbonization methods that scale up while supporting planetary life by leveraging photosynthesis in complex sugar energy Biochemistry that provides energy for animal life.
He is the inventor of AllicinV and 5 other vapor formulas tied to disablement of coronaviruses based on digital protein codes tied to protein functionality, RNA transcription, and protein folding. He created the technology in 2020 while suffering from long Covid19. The technology is US patent pending 17/210,366. Scott has 2 NIH Doctoral Fellows, and one RA Doctoral Fellow from UNL. He also has an MS in Chemistry from UNL, and He holds a BA in Chemistry and a minor in Biology from Mercer Univ.
For a more detailed background, click on the LinkedIn URL

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