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Ho Ho Ho, Happy Christmas

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Ho Ho Ho, Happy Christmas

Over the last few days the Sun has been stopped in the sky, "dead" for 3 days while it was "hung" on the "Southern Cross" of the stars Mimosa, Gacrux, Delta Crucis and Acrux. Personally I'm a big fan of Mimosas.

Today the three stars in Orion's belt will line up with the pole star and form a line pointing to the sunrise, like "three kings" heralding the birth of a saviour of sorts.

You might have been told a different version of this story, designed to distract you from the majesty and beauty of nature and the power and consciousness of celestial beings.

It's important to remember the true meaning of christmas, which is presents and stuffing yourself with food.

Prizes for guessing the artist. I think you can tell from his work that he was a true Christian with an open heart and appreciation of nature.

Merry Xmas!

Yes indeed, which also means that it is New Year's as well. It's just our calendar is a week off for logistical reasons!

I am not sure of the artist, but nice picture of our lord and saviour, the Sun! :D It's sacrilege, I know...


fuck hitler and his painting. he was and always will be a cunt. a horrible cunt at that.
Was he fuck a true christian..ROFL. that makes me laugh.. rather a lot, he was quite far removed from it in any sense of it. mind you unless it's piss taking..which is possible.. but if that is serious.. fuckadoodledo man...


Wow - I didn't even know Hitler did paintings until you mentioned it and I googled it. That's crazy! They're not half bad, for a psychopath...

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