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Ickonic Classified s01e36 (2023.12.13) Jacob Chansley: Beyond Capitoline Hill

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January 6th will go down in the mainstream as the day when the US Capitol Hill in DC was under "insurrection" by thousands of people who refused to accept an election vote. Of course, we all know that this election did not produce a credible outcome by any stretch of the imagination.

Jacob Chansley has now become the iconic image of the day, a man dubbed the "Q-Anon Shaman" by the cult-owned legacy media, but as we know, there's always much more to the story than we are being told and often its the exact inversion of what the mainstream media broadcast.

Jacob joins us this week to open this Classified file and go deep into the occult swamp that lays beneath the modern-day version of Rome's Capitoline Hill.